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777 down What might have happened.


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Texas electronics company is building equipment to cloak planes, sends 20 engineers to China together with a load of cloaking


equipment.  The pilot saw the cargo manifest and passenger list.   Being involved in politics and seeing these people before, realizes


who the engineers are and plans to stop them.   He uses his simulator ( He trains pilots) to plan his attack.  He sends his family away.


China tries to direct tracking away from where the plane really is going.  Tracking devices in the engines send a message on engine


performance each hour. The US knows about where the plane is each hour and basically ignores China. 


The plane is possible cloaked as well except for the engine devices.  The pilot flies to an altitude that killed the passengers. 


Then flies over deep smooth water until fuel is used up.  (He wants no oily film on the water)  Lands on the water and sinks the plane in one piece.


Possibly he is even able to paddle away.  


What kind of a person is the pilot? 


Hero or not.  I couldn't do what he did.

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