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SeaHawks won Super Bowl 43 to 8


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My bet was that Seahawk would score 35 to 37 points and Denver "0" points.  Well I was kind up close.


What surprised me was the amount of fireworks and cannon fire (big booms) we heard around Seattle that equaled the 4th.


Some college kid burned a couch in the street at U-of-Washington and a window was broken across town at Starbucks.


Otherwise the crowd just celebrated peacefully most of the night.  (Seattle is known for crowds that are rowdy & cause damage)


I guess it was a different class of people that cerebrated last night. 

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Well, I guess I spoke too soon.  The trouble makers were where some artwork is located in Seattle.


It seems the For-gala artworks suffered some damage.              (What is For-gala art?)

Apparently some people walked on the For-gala art and broke some of the glass.

Then they did some spray painting artwork like we see on the side of RR cars and bridges.


Some of the 12 man Seahawk support group started a website where others could donate $12 each toward fixing the Artwork.

As of this morning there is over $16,000 in the repair fund.


In 10 minutes   (Wed. 11 o'clock)   the Sea Hawks will have a parade to calibrate their win. 

A half million people are expected to watch the parade.

Some of theses people camped out last night on a windy sidewalk in 20 degree weather to save a good viewing  space.  


Not Me.  I'll watch on TV.

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I live in Colorado, and support the Broncos.   The game was some what of a disappointment, but do realize that the Broncos were just overwhelmed by the Defensive team of the SeaHawks.  I thought we were in trouble when the ball went past Mannings head.   It was an error, as I don't believe he had given the signal to "hike" the ball.   :(  The SeaHawks were at their peak of playing, and the Broncos just had too many "faults" of play.   Congratulations to the SeaHawks for a game well played.  :)

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