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Dune 2 sound volume problem on PnP Blasters


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Hello everyone,


I would like to know if anybody else has run into the same issue and if there is an easy fix for that.

On starting Dune2 (any version)  the voice/digi volume level maxes out instantly.  (Other volume levels also seem to be affected, like microphone, even if it was muted before) This is with all PnP Sound Blaster 16s I have tried. Other Blasters might be also effected.


Is there a fix for dune2.exe  -  or  only a memory-eating  TSR volume control utility can help ?


Thanks in advance for any hints.

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This might have something to do with the fact that Dune II doesn't have native SB16 drivers. I can't remember right now, but if there exist drivers for SB16 in the "old" format one could try replacing the Sound Blaster or Sound Blaster Pro drivers with the SB16 ones inside SOUND.PAK, but even if that is possible it might still produce undesired side-effects.

[Edit] I've just checked the Open Source AIL Version 2 available from John Miles' website but it doesn't seem to contain SB16 drivers. What's more, the SB and SB Pro drivers from that package seem to cause problems with sound playback if they replace the original drivers that are shipped with Dune II.

On a side note, you should probably post your question at VOGONS (if you haven't already), there are tech savvy people there who might know how to address your problem.

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I think I was asking around  about this issue (a long time ago) over there,  but there was no solution. Will look around again.



The problem can be partially amended by using the line out instead of headphone out (because the headphone out gets driven to a  dangerous amplification level, the line out can not).

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