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TibEd v1.52 with Emperor support (beta 2)


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TibEd v1.52 is now ready. It hasn't been officially announced yet, because I want to spread the traffic as much as possible. The full version can be downloaded from this URL:


Please note that it has a bandwidth limit, it will do for now, but once I officially release it bandwidth is going to be a real problem...

If you already have TibEd v1.5x installed, you can download the patch to v1.52:


New in Emperor editor module beta 2


- not compatible with Alpha 1 savefiles. E-mail me for a converter if you really need it.

- icons extracted from game -> now small enough to be in the standard distribution (which is a good thing, everyone downloading has it by default unless they unselect it)

- actual normal unit names

- minor building support, with names for common buildings

- It's a work in progress. Planning to do regular updates.

Note: this editor can have problems with the veterancy system; if you're having this then try moving keys around on the manual page.

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