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"Yes, there is a way to fix it.

I replaced the FXData section from the Guild Niap flyer's XBF files with the FXData section from the Atreides Drone XBF files, and with the modified XBF files, the Niap shoots.

I'm adding the Niap and 2 other aircraft to a new version of my Emperor Fast Units Mod.

If anyone wants to include the Niap in a mod, send me an email to aia96@softcom.net and I'll email you copies of the modified XBF files. "

Adrian_Messecar, does he still float around this forum? If so, Does anybody know if this was released? The Niap isnt in the version of the mod uploaded and i would like to use it or replicate how it was done.

Other Questions:

Was it Finished?

Would it be possible to apply the dust scouts hide abilities to the tl leech unit by replacing/adding part of the xbf data?

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