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The full dune 2000 experience

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Hey all,


I stumbled across dune 2000 after a ping of nostalgia playing Irans Hi Res patch for C&C Red Alert 1 to death. Irans installer is awesome because it contains the game, the hi res patch and a boatload of extra options  -in one place- saving so much time and hassle. 



However I know little of dune 2000. So far, I am running the dune 2000 gruntmod edition along with D2kSardaukars / N.Kindt / mvi 's Hi-Res patch as well as the mission select mod. However, I have read there is a sub factions mod but I cannot seem to find much on how to use it?


Are there any other 'must have' mods for dune 2000?



Finally, is there a mod for sidebar / mouse scrolling? This was one of the best additions Iran made for C&C IMHO.




I hope you guys go the same way and pool together to make a single installer with *everything* chucked in. I would love to throw this old game to some of my computer illiterate / lazy ass friends as a single .exe.


Keep up the good work guys


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I think this is what you're talking about: http://d2kplus.com/subhousesfix.php


It allows you to play as the sub-houses (emperor, fremen, smugglers, mercenaries). For some sub-houses campaigns, see these:


Also, you might find this patch created by me fun & useful; it allows you to ally with other AI (which otherwise is TOTALLY impossible) and even have set alliances at the beginning of multiplayer games. As of 1.2 version, it allows you to have 7 AI on skirmish instead of 5 only, and also Horace Lucas just e-mailed me and mvi about a small mod that allows you to choose the fremen & ix colors (grey and light brown) in skirmish, so 8 colors instead of 6.


Basically, D2K+ contains all the mods, patches and other stuff released for Dune 2000 and is constantly updated with new missions/mods by me and mvi. You can have a look on the sidebar to the left, there are some other mods/missions that I did not mention in the list above. I don't think there is a mod for in-game sidebar scrolling but it might be possible to be created probably.


Hope these helped you ;)


I know Iran, he's a good coder, I recently saw the launcher he made for RA, I only knew the tons of plugins he made for C&C Renegade servers. 

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Hey Feda do you put my missions pack on the d2k ?

Oops, forgot that :D Please pack them up in one .zip file and post it in the main topic of your missions, that way I know which ones u want uploaded. If you want u can include a readme for all of them.

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