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Dune 2000 Speech Recognition

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Well I just got a software and was working on speech recognition for windows when i thought about applying it to dune 2000...

Believe it or not it worked..

Only because my speech recognition was not properly configured but it worked..

I could change cursor into repair and sell..

Then i added grouping into it and could group the persons into groups and recall them without keyboard..

Then i integrated the pause menu and it also worked..

As my speech recognition was not properly set the commands overlapped causing me to capture and immediately sell a refinery..

Anyone else has an idea how to do better??



In the software the thing works perfectly fine..

Only thing needed is that you have a speech recognition software(windows 7 and vista have inbuilt while for windows xp you need to download the speech sdk)

And train your speech recognition properly..

I got most of the commands into speech recognition..

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So that low speed of taking commands will be fixed later?

can you give me the best vocal commands for it??

Well that depends on your computer's speech recognition performance..

If you do multiple no. of training in the speech recognition software, it'll be better..

Also try cancelling other noise as much as possible..

Until i get it perfected with all the commands into program i'll not release it.. :p

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