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Any playwer for Dune Legacy multi?


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I like the Dune Legacy remake for Dune 2. Not to mention that Dune 2 is my favorite game of all times!


But it seems that i just cant find any players for multi...

Here is the link for Dune Legacy remake:



If anyone wants to play this mod, post a message or join the Hamachi network right away.


Name: Dune Legacy (watch for spaces and capital letters)

pass: legacy


See ya there ;)

Note, limit for Hamachi users per network are 5 ... :-/


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I also like Legacy and I've had a few multiplayer games during the December vacation. There was 2 problems with the game though: the maps was too small for decent multiplayer action and only infantry can destroy regular buildings like wind traps ect. I couldn't find a map editor anywhere to fix the first problem. And for the second problem we'll have to wait for this Richy guy to fix.

I'm on Linux so I can't install Hamachi.

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You can create maps easily. They are just txt files.

I haven't tried that though.

The maps should be located in: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\dunelegacy\maps

And some sample maps should be located in install folder, i guess. (i dont have Dune installed on this machine on my job)

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