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How do I get a game on this Hamachi ?

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Can anyone tell me how this works in simple terms ?

I have found the channel emperor 113 129 763 and I can see lots of names.

I have set net workcard on emperor to IP it gave me but am now unsure how to proceed?

Do I go LAN and host or join can't see any players or channels in the LAN screen except my nick.

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You wont see anybody in the lobby if theres nobody in there. You have to tell others you want a game and then host; or let other people host a game. Is that simple =D

Unfortunately... We have being experiencing problems with Hamachi lately. Only a few on that list of people are able to host; and those who are able to host games can see what people are typing in the lobby, but the rest wont.

So lets say your the host and you want to tell whoever is in your game that you want them to hit ACCEPT and/or you want to tell them for example ME AND KINDJAL86 VS ALL; you will have to do that by chatting in hamachi, until the problem gets fixed.

Dont really know whats happening really... quite annoying but we are getting use to it.. Hope this wont stop you from playing the game.

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