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Battlestar galactica online.


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copy , i logged there few moons before as you can see here:


and i must give you some data about my experience with this particular

game genre , if you looked at this post it might give you the idea without me saying it all over again


i have been looking into these free online including battle star gal and i must say i downloaded and played

the game but i left it, because of me not accepting the controls of the ship at some stage . the game looked good

for a while and i was high doing it but at some point i did came to something with the controls that stopped

me from playing . but i dont remember what it was exactly . but i will try to give you an example pf another

game i stopped playing because of the controls it was some kind of a racing F1 game and i had to do

the gears manually including the reverse bottom which was mixed up with the other pre fixed controls .

at the F1 game i admit it was way hard but at battle star galaxy it was just not good with me .

i can come over that issue and play nerveless but i tell u if i left that game for a reason then its a strong

one . even that i dont remember it . space simulation is my all time favorite genre .

i saw also other free online games i didnt like any . now am playing skyrim for more than 8 weeks and tons

of single player games that came out with the new year occasion like barman and ruse and rage ex....

still i bookmarked some other free online games to test :

ex... http://www.aeriagames.com/



over .

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there is nothing wrong with the controls , ok i remember now . look you cant preform a 360 degree

round upward or download without the screen flickering and throwing your ship all aver the place

going nose up in a full circle is very important in space you must return then to the same point

but in this game the ship try to settle it self in middle position turning the screen all over so

you lose directions . its ok i can join if your up to it . but its only in my opinion in 3d space

you should be able to move in all directions i posted that to them also .

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