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Guild Wars 2

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Guild Wars 2 is looking fairly decent so far, although, I do have a few qualms with the game.

Firstly, the lack of a proper White Mage-type really puts me off. I don't see why they had to fuse the Paragon (Paladin) with the Monk (White Mage) into the Guardian, which kind of mainly just ends up as a paladin (with extra magic) regardless.

Secondly, the fact that every profession can do everything (ie. heal, support, damage, control, etc) in some form or another is a bad idea (IMO), as this results in less specialization, and would likely end up in less thought-out teamwork or plans; essentially making everyone end up as a "Red Mage-type". I do find that each profession doing each of everything in their own unique ways is a good idea, but not a good enough idea to justify giving every class the ability to do everything. How does a Warrior healing himself mid-combat make sense anyway?

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