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Comet the size of Venus


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I listened to a scientist talk about a comet that recently passed close behind the sun.

NASA stated it was a comet that was about 600 meters in diameter.

NASA said they believed it was a dirty snow ball of ice. NASA said it would completely melt passing so close to the sun through what would be a temperature of about 7000 degrees.

It emerged from behind the sun and did lose its' long tail which started to quickly reform but in the wrong direction. Surprisingly he said he spotted a moon revolving around the comet with what looked like snow on the surface. This scientist stated that in his telescope the moon looked to be circling very close to the comet and was about the size of Pluto. The scientist stated he calculated the Comet itself to be about the size of Venus.

That is the interesting part. It would be like a size equivalent of a box car circling around a base ball.

Some body is wrong.

I have not yet been able to find a NASA report about this comet or its' name.

But I did find a report about a less resent Asteroid first discovered in 2005, that was also interesting.

"The asteroid, designated 2005 YU55, will pass Earth at a distance of about 325,000 kilometers, just inside the orbit of the moon. Asteroids come that close frequently, but 2005 YU55 is notable for its dimensions: 400 meters in diameter. NASA says the asteroid is the size of an aircraft carrier, but it's actually even larger. " ( ?????)

At its' closest point to Earth on November 8th, NASA said the Asteroid was moving too fast, causing the pictures to blur. (I don't believe that) These close up pictures from the 8th was not released. One observer stated there was about a 100 meter tower like structure at the top of the pictures of the asteroid. The cameras included new technology that gave 5 times better detail.

Varrieeee Interesting how information is kept hidden from public view and also fabricated.


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