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NEW MAP: Lest Darkness Fall


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I'm just beginning testing of a new scenario for RT3 1.05. The title is taken from a classic SF novel which takes an early 20th century professor back to early post imperial Rome where he decides to "invent" improvements to society to prevent the Dark Age. The scenario is long (up to a century), the map is huge (central and southern Europe, the entire Mediterranean, north Africa, and the old orient (now, western "middle east")). The event stack is a framerate killer too. Then again, if it runs on my little old Dell C640 laptop, anyone can probably play. In addition to the introductory dialogues, there will be an extensive readme file, (required reading, really!).

Just what everyone wants...

OK. There are difficulty-based differences; limited to impossible industrial activity for the first couple of decades or so; devastating (but limited) barbarian events in selected areas; and lots of victory point based assignments (not necessary at lower levels), but the cash incentives, usually company but sometimes personal-cash as well, are well worth pursuing. I hate having to write notes of these to keep from forgetting a target, but the status page has a space problem; I know there is supposed to be a way to multi-page the ledger but I've lost track of it temporarily. I want to include an automatic task reminder line on page 2 for these assignments, eventually.

Right now, my main problem is that I'm not an expert player so I don't know how well I can test the upper dif levels for balance. To start, I just assumed the expert players are so much better than me that I could be especially restrictive and evil. Then again, that doesn't mean that I don't want it to be fun.....for them of course.

I'm going to do a few weeks of testing at lower and moderate levels, before I post it here, and hope to get a volunteer or two for the rest- not that anyone isn't welcome just for the usual bug/typo search fest, of course. No doubt there are several howlers that I haven't caught yet. Let me know. Thanx.

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Here it is: version 1. Between testing and tweaking (bane of the perfectionist- nothing ever gets finished....) I've decided to call a halt. It's lacking about 20% of the features I wanted, but then again I am already in danger of overloading the player. My one big problem was deciding to limit track to connected, or not, or limited amounts. Let's see how this grabs you for now. Read the REAME first; install by putting the ".gmp" into the MAPS folder as usual; no extra files. Feedback appreciated.

Edit 11/29: 8k hits and only one download...I'm thinking too many "outside" hits. Perhaps a name change is in order?


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