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A friend just applied for a good paying government job as a surveyor of personal information. 

No starting date was given.  It is probably another Acorn activity.  I believe my friend voted for Obama.  So is qualified for the job.  The Government wants to know more about its. citizens.  That is all I was told.

Taking this into supposition;  What could possible lie in our future from such a survey. (Another census so soon after the last one) 

Obama's medical plan, on about page 901 or thereabouts, says the government wants to know who owns and buys gold.  (any amount over $600)  A 20 dollar gold coin now sells for about $1400.00 dollars.  More if it is old.  So each of these coins counts in this survey.

  I think it was President Roosevelt another Socialist, who confiscated Gold during his term and paid much less than the gold was worth at the time.  The US took the dollar off the gold standard and sold much of this confiscated gold at a big profit for the government.

Today, China is the worlds largest producer of mined gold.  China also has been selling its' US bond debt to buy more gold from other countries with economic problems.  China is refusing to loan more money to Obama unless the US puts its' dollar back on the gold standard.  China could sell some of its' gold to the US at a big profit for China.  But, the US dollar is in trouble by printing it to a lowered value.  ????  Maybe we could trade California to them.  ::)

Obama's problem is the US is broke, and buying back enough gold to create a Gold standard is not easily done.  by printing Trillions of new dollars, the US has put the US taxpayer in even deeper in debt, to the point that for the US to acquire new loans giving a bond as collateral will be nearly impossible for the US to peddle. 

To copy Roosevelt's lead, It is possible for Obama to again confiscate Gold and pay far below market price for it.  Again Obama has a problem.  The citizens with deep pockets of gold, have anticipated this move.  They have moved their Gold off shore to foreign countries.  So Obama needs to know who still owns gold in the US.  Therefore, the government needs another survey to find out just how much gold the government can take from its' US citizens.

Just thinking about what history has told us and how it all fits together.

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