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Roberies and mountains


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Hi Grandre

Hi all,

My train has been robbed! How do you stop that incident? 

I don't like being robbed or having so may break downs.  So, I normally reduce these problems in the editor for my maps    A caboose will discourage robbers but not stop them completely. 

And, how do you climb and descend the mountains? The grades are 6 - 20%!!! Sheesh!  Choose a locomotive that likes grades.  The shay is a good example.  Not fast but a good climber  I try to keep my grades under 3%  When you choose a loco, check the specs. before you buy it.  I also look at the cost to operate.

Will trains negotiate switchbacks?  Yes, but they don't back up.  They make a turntable turn on the switch.

Are there tunnels available?  No tunnels.  Just deep cuts by stitching the track and it is very expensive to do

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6% grades aren't total killers. Discover maximum practical tonnages for each engine class. Example: the climb out of Vancouver in classic campaign #6 (Canadian Pacific): I happily ran American 4-4-0 with two cars, Consolidation 2-8-0 with three. Needed a small station at the top of the hill to replenish sand, so stopped trains there to attach caboose and maybe dining car for rest of the run.

Experiment with track-laying in mountains: twist, turn, and go only a few cells at a time. (Save game before you start!) Use world overview to see what grades you got (they are not always what your surveyors forecast). Same stretch of track can have different grades according to from which end you lay it, or how you broke it down into smaller chunks. Try laying over the top of already laid track (costs nothing unless converting single to double): you may improve grades (or make them worse!) without going to the cost of full "stitching". Great fun... Richard

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There used to be a web site that showed how to do track stitching but I can't find it now. I thought it was Steve Lorenz's site, which I've preserved at the Hawk & Badger RR ( http://hawkdawg.com/rrt/rrt3/hp/hp.htm ), but it seems everything on the old H&P site is about RT3.

Here's an old site that has a few tips on RT2.  http://www.o-keating.com/rrt2/

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With stitching (laying small sections of track along your trackbed) you can make good-looking and -performing track. Download this game; it's a (heavilly) modified version of the Germany map and scenario, in turn requiring my modded version of the game. But you can open in RTII Gold and Platinum. Ignore things like congestion, excessive profits, bonds etc, just look at the track layouts and slopes (this is why I share it here). Esp take a closer look at the track around Strasbourg, Basel and Z

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