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Global Warming True or False


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Global warming server was hacked.    Global warming people are not happy that information, where discussions of data being changed so it looked like it supported global warming.  This information was not intended to be made public on the Internet, even though it was on a secured part of a public University server.

There is much information.  So I will only include a few details then give the link.

Statements from the supporters of global warming after the hack made their e-mails public:

"We are aware that information from a server used for research information

in one area of the university has been made available on public websites,"

the spokesman stated.

"Because of the volume of this information we cannot currently confirm

that all of this material is genuine."

"This information has been obtained and published without our permission

and we took immediate action to remove the server in question from

operation."  ( they also canceled all passwords)

"We are undertaking a thorough internal investigation and we have involved

the police in this enquiry."

(It is apparent that the information was intended to remain hidden.)

Some of their additional comments, trying to explain some of the documents that were made public.

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One of the last books Michael Crichton completed before his death was State of Fear. It was meticulously researched (one of the few novels I've read with more footnotes and end notes than many scientific papers I've read).  It documented the phony global warming false science when it was written about 6 years ago.  I strongly recommend it if you are a Crichton fan (which I am).

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What is believed to be the first settlement in the Americans was established by the Vikings. It came to an end because of global cooling in Iceland that covering their farms in ice.  Now if they had settled further South in the US, maybe we would now be a territory of Norway.

With turkey day on my mine, I listened to a history of the Puritans.  They had the first failure of socialism in the Americas.  If it hadn't been for a few free minded people that took settlements in a different direction, we might have become a territory of Spain. 

It looks like we are back on that same old socialistic road again.  This time disaster seems to be programed, dragging not just our economy but the world's economy down as it goes.  The elitists must be singing praises as they can now squeeze money from the middle class.  Now, what territory could we become a part of?  And who will be our King?

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I find the contents of the previous threads interesting. Both global warming and social.

From all the data of informaiton which I have read, YES, we are contributing to the

global warming. But not just us humans. Animals of all species are part of it.

However, there is a cycle of natural endeavor, which has been taking place since the

earth was created. And don't forget the natural features of the world today. Volcanoes.

Right now there (Feb 14th,2012) there are 3 active ones, spewing our lava and ash.

As to the socail climate of the world. Not just political, but financial, has been

forecast by Glen Beck a few years ago. His ideas were frowned upon, and they may

have been "darts thrown in the air", but they are manifesting themselves today. Come

this summer, he indicates that there will be widespread riots in the USA. It will

possibly lead to the same results as that of Greece and other countries in turmoil.

Best we start venturing into space for another planet for civilization. This one

seems to be on the doomed avenue. Not today or tomorrow. But astroids and/or meteors

have caused mass distruction previously. Which brings the subject to that possibility

in 2024 or there abouts, and if it glances off our atmosphere, the orbit would bring

it back on a possible collision course a dozen years later.

Guess I read too much, although I only believe a portion of it.

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In the US only 1 of four people are registered to vote and fewer actually vote.

Over a million dead people do vote and that number is growing; I'm not talking about the people who live longer.

Death camps have now been built and are in the social plans for the future.

Over 2 million non-citizens voted in the last election and more are expected to join those ranks for money gifts of tax dollars.

There are now over 3 trillion tax payer dollars missing and unaccounted for by the Federal Reserve.

The constitution is now being subverted openly and the people don't seem to care.

We have a president who is catering to Moslem's rules and has successfully blocked every attempt to discover his birth place.

Legal actions are being blocked by liberal judges who now subvert the rules and make their own laws.

The Democrats, The Republicans and the major news sources are controlled by the very very rich, worldwide less than 100 people total.

This one world government is tearing apart whole counties in order to achieve their goals. By limiting free speech they control what they want the public to know.

If our days are number by a cosmic hit, we can be sure who will be on the escape vessels, Not us.

If these rich fools do start up on another planet, I would not want to be one of their slaves.

The USA November election will be the turning point where the US will either fall or we will be hanging at the cliffs edge by our fingernails.

When we think about riots and the state of the world, who has the fire power. It is unlikely to be the poor guys with less than a billion dollars to their name.

Looking at the good side. It was now a bad winter here, although not over yet.

We had a little global warming and a little global cooling. Buds are coming out.

The over population of the polar bears is being handled.

The ducks are mating and the traffic has not gotten much worse except in the construction zones where many jobs are.

We have not been hit by a atomic EMF, so our computers and electronics still work. And newer cars still run.

Except for the rain it might even end up being a fairly good day.

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Well Fellas,

There is a lot of thought in all these threads.   A lot of different subject matter as well, but will give a brief comment on some.


Over all, the Global Warming is well covered both in that University's web site, as well as that of comments thereof.  The comment of which I believe drives the nail, is that GW is a natuarl cycle.   We do add to it as humans and all of our natural animals and creatures. Including insects.   But we as Americans are suffering in our economy, as we have regulations to curb some pollution.   However, there are other countries which are taking advantage of it, and have no restrictions on their industry, etc.   And from our present administration we will be suffering even moreso in the future due to these restrictions.


Some voters are just too complacent with their duty of voting.   Obama won the election by 2M votes.  However, that was possible as more than 3M Repubs decided not to vote.   That is the answer in a nutshell.


I will get flack on this opinion.   However, this is my opinion, and probably will show up in investigations after the next election.   That is, if Obama doesn't have his attorneys destroy the records, which have been "locked up" since his inaguration in 2008.


I worked for the airline, during which time, it was awarded routes into Canada and the Cayman Islands.  Both are of British rule.  Hence, and American airline employee who was awarded positions in either location, had to return to the US periodically, for a period of time, to maintain their US Citizenship.


Therefore my opinion.   Obama's Step Father enrolled him into an Indonesian school.   Indonesia does not acknowledge dual citizenship, so, Obama's citizenship was voided.    And all his transactions thereafter leaned on his Indonesian Citizenship, in both his educaitonal agenda, and travel into at least Pakistan.   ALSO, he has never really relinquished his ""Birth Certificate"", but only a "Certificate of Birth".   They are not the same.   He also has never filed for "citizenshiip", as far as it be known.


Much will be found once he leaves office, as well as what the next administration will do.


During the past couple months, both my wife and I have been hospitalized.  While in these establishments, we have heard much talk about the ObamaCare.   From medical news reports, there will be 100,000 less doctors in practice.  Those retiring, those going into research, and some seeking different occupations.    The worst is,  medical students now in school, are changing their aim of profession to that of engineering, research, etc.    Many doctors will not accept Medicad patients.   Hence the market will be filled with patients, which will have to wait months for an appointment.   Therefore Clinics and ERs will be loaded.


I now see that 2 auto manufacturers have discontinued their line of hybred autos.  Once manufacturer had 600 vehicles off the line, and sold 6.   Ford seems to be holding their own, but time will tell, as vehicles at $35-39G are not boughten very fast.   At least not with the present economy, and the worst to come in both recession and inflation.   The government has just printed too much money

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We are controlled.    Too much technology is withheld from the market place to create profit for the people in control.


The first cold water fusion car (a car that runs on water) was going to be built in Japan until the factory was washed away last year. 

The car is so simple the price should be very low.  The car was a secret because of the resistance until production was about to start last year.  Then the flood hit.


Search the net.  Your will find many projects, kits, etc on using water as a fuel.   If we should get hit with a solar event, a water powered generator would be a god send.

Cold fusion can also reduce our radiation problems to almost nothing.   Cold fusion does not produce radioactivity..


I think it was Westinghouse who removed funding to stop Tesler from producing free electricity for the people. Tesler was pulling electricity out of the atmosphere .  



To top it off:   Today the Stock Market is being controlled by the mega rich.  They trade in off hours when the US Exchanges are closed and in other time zones they are open.


The stupid people  who have their retirement funds in stocks, buy stocks when the price is high and sell when prices are low.  

This is making the super rich richer, because the own seats around the world on other exchanges.  They buy and sell before the public can join in.


Control is the name of the economic game we play today because people have become so gullible.

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The first cold water fusion car (a car that runs on water) was going to be built in Japan...


That's news. Do you have a link?


The car is so simple the price should be very low. 


Price does not depend on simplicity. If value is high, then the simplicity would fuel profit margin.


Search the net.  Your will find many projects, kits, etc on using water as a fuel.


None of which have been demonstrated. There's a Nobel prize out there for the first scientist who can prove cold fusion


Cold fusion can also reduce our radiation problems to almost nothing.   Cold fusion does not produce radioactivity.


The primary reason that cold fusion produces no radioactivity is that it is a hoax. However, if actual hydrogen (protium) nuclei were to fuse, then some gamma and beta rays would be generated.


I think it was Westinghouse who removed funding to stop Tesler from producing free electricity for the people. Tesler was pulling electricity out of the atmosphere


You mean Tesla, as in Tesla coil.


The stupid people  who have their retirement funds in stocks, buy stocks when the price is high and sell when prices are low.


The other scam is that only millionaires are allowed to invest in venture capital start-up companies. We ordinary people aren't allowed to buy until an IPO, by which time the mega-rich are taking their 100-to-1 profits at our expense.


PS: This thread should probably be moved to the debates forum.

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After viewing many demonstrations on U-tube of machinery using water as a fuel and hearing how water for fuel would destroy big oil and the profits of the mega wealthy, I'll say the following:


It makes sense to me that pressure to keep the common people from benefiting from this technology is extreme.    For those that want to learn the truth about Cold fusion or its cousin technologies, can search the internet for the answers.   (Water as a fuel)   Information is almost endless.  



I believe Boeing's battery problems are related.   Lithium is used to create over-unity that makes Cold Fusion possible.  This technology is being use by Boeing  to boast the power of their Lithium battery by roughly 10 times that of a standard battery.   The problem is that the increased power is difficult to control.    Experiments have resulted in gains of from 10 to 1000 percent increases in power.  When current runs wild,  heat is generated and the excess current is hard to turned off. The batteries over heat and explode.  




1.  In using water as a fuel:   the excess current is created and is needed to split water into it parts and a much more powerful fuel.  

     Boeing only uses the higher electrical power to start and possibly taxi a plane at this time.


2.  Early on, 90 % of all the university's that did trial testing of Cold Fusion were successful.    The only university that called Cold Fusion a hoax was M.I.T., a university that receives it's major funding

     to develop Hot Fusion.   It seems possible they were afraid in losing funding for hot fusion research if they said Cold Fusion was successful.


To make sense of this:  Boeing's lithium battery is produced by a Japanese company.   The production of cold fusion has been continually attacked and work on this battery technology has been underground for almost 15 years.   Not even Boeing has ventured into the debate because of the secrecy involved.    

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I just figured out why we haven't  heard more about the Japanese cold fusion powered car.  

The news said It has been just over two years since the flood hit and one of  the reactors melted down.

A large area is still radioactive and under quarantine.    

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