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Water Powered Car

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Saturday,  One of my local News stations, stated that the UK took off and flew an electric powered airplane. 

They stated the exhaust is water and said they are using Hydrogen and Oxygen for power. 

This seems to indicate that they were splitting water to make fuel to generate power for the electric motors.

I had read that people from the UK had spent a lot of time with Stanley Meyer looking at his water powered car.

I spent some time looking at You Tube videos of water powered cars.  There are a bunch now.

I was going to do some research on the Electric Airplane; But a birthday for one of my grandkids took me to a private park called Remlinger Farms. 

I thought the Farm was using Diesel power for their train.  To my surprise they were running 2 foot gauge steam locomotives.  I got a chance to pull throttle on one of the steamers, a 4-4-0 running on propane.  It was sure cleaner than the oil burners I was use to running.  I didn't come home full of soot..

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