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RR Car Ferry

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I posted the RR Car Ferry idea on Hawk's site.  I'll add and expand on it here.

For RT3 I would use the Tiger Tank for the base characteristics since the tank is drivable.

I would draft a hull over the base with a single track long enough for the longest train. 

It might be possible to make this track shorter, since the cars seem to disappear at times.

At each end of the ferry I would include the characteristics of a small station. called front and rear stations.

I would plant a Gwizz Port on each shore.  Possible making it look like a ferry terminal.

A train would be routed to a Gwizz port.

With the ferry gone the train would stay stopped having no connection to the next station on the far end of the ferry.

When the ferry arrived the track would be connected and the train would proceed onto the ferry.

When the train reached the far end station it would again stop showing it had arrived and wait for another connection to appear.

When the ferry crossed the body of water, a track connection would be made and the train could proceed to the next station.


Can the tiger tank be steered well enough for the track connection to snap into place like it does on land. 

Will the track unsnap when the ferry tries to leave the port.

Does the tiger tank even have a reverse to back away from the dock. Possible rotating the tank would work

The ferry may have to be manually operated, Although, It might be possible to use a truncated point to point route from the airplane's route.  It would be nice if the ferry could be used at a number of ports and not just two.

Well back to the think tank.

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