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Chairman of Federal Reserve - bad news.

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The chairman of the Federal Reserve says our US debt is going to ruin America.

Strange, it seems like he helped create the debt.  Perhaps he knows that since new money

is continually being printed and the value of the dollar is starting to go into free fall, it is looking bad for us

China knows this, She holds a lot of American debt.  China is now cashing it in for products or technology.  

Hummer is the newest example.  Ship loads of equipment bought by China, that we have striped out of our industries ended up in China.

I know of a 24 foot diameter rock tunnel boring machine that went to china. Later the whole factory went over.

Boeing technology is in place in China.  Even Micro Soft has dealings in China.  China is buying Gold and Silver along with other metals and the mines.  

I'm Just guessing here----So, if printing more money is not the answer; Then doubling taxes is a start.  But, we have too many people living off of taxes to make it work  They need more people to pay taxes.  Opening up the borders is helping; but, even more people are needed.  

They may have to stop abortions and grow more tax payers.   ::)   :O  :-\

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I watched Obama's speech in Cairo this morning and he stated that all governments should abide by transparency and not steal money from it's citizens.

I guess it's OK for him to do it. He just doesn't want any other government to do it.

He also stated that the United States was the greatest Muslim nation in the world. That after stating in another speech he had given that America was not a Christian nation.

He also said that it was good for Iran to have nuclear capabilities. I guess he strongly believes in Indirect Suicide.

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Less than 1 percent of America is muslin. 

I often pass a Muslin Mosk(sp).  It has a flag pole that must be over 120 feet tall.

It is the tallest flag pole I have ever seen.  At the top is one triangular shaped red flag with some type of symbols on it.

There is no US flag; but that is OK and as this is what religious freedom is all about. 

Do that in a Muslin country and see how fast you will loose your head.

In his speech he also gave Muslins credit for many historical discoveries that they had nothing to do with. 

Some came about before the Muslin faith was even invented.

And, he forgot to again apologize for America.  But I believe he did blame Bush for something.

It is appalling how people in their ignorance follow him.  He boldly lies to people and they act like zombies.

With all the negative signs Obama displays.  How can people be some dumb?  It happened to the Germans in a similar fashion, so What is new?  Obama may have even studied Hitler's methods.

I guess it is like a sign on a trail that says suicide cliff ahead, be careful.  Then having people walk past the sign and follow each other by steping off the edge of the cliff.

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I heard this morning that Obama is going to give the power to regulate banking in the US to the private Federal Reserve Bank. 

Now, that is putting the wolf and all his friend in the hen house.    >:(

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