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The 2010 Census in underway.

Our government is spending millions on the pre-Census to get ready for the real Census in 2010.

About 135,000 people have been hired to pre-survey every house or living abode for every person in the US.

These people carry specially made GPS tools, each costing thousands of dollars.  They must get within 40 feet of your front door.  Than they click the address location through the GPS unit to some central processing unit.  They have trespassing rights that the normal person doe not have.

They ask normal questions and not so normal questions about every one who lives at each address.  They want to know your Age, birthday and place of birth, Nationality, race, where you work, kind of work, Your income, what you have in your house, Food storage, etc., type of heat and other utilities, their costs, Do you own or rent and other amounts you pay for a number of things, as well as a number of other questions.  Some are very personal.

Next some people will receive one of two questionnaires.  I looked at the shorter of the two form letters that was sent to a friend.  It wasn't short, just shorter than the long form.  There were questions to answer that IMHO were none of the governments business.

If a person doe not answer and return the questionnaire with all questions answered there is a $100.00 fine.  If any question is answered fraudulently, there is a $500.00 fine.  If information is lacking or suspicious, there would be a follow up knock at your door. 

I was told that:  Normally fines are not used, that the census people are just persistent.  If necessary they go to your neighbors and use other sources for information about you and about anyone living at your address.

I understand the need for a census;  But from the past I know personal information has been sold to solicitors and used in ways that are far from keeping with the individuals private information.  This Census seems more like what was used in the past by totalitarian type governments.  This Pre-census activity was started under Bush and now continues under a much more demanding and out of control government, a government that ignores constitutional restraints.

The lights of our freedoms are growing ever dimmer.


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While I was waiting for the wife at the store, I noticed a man walking up to with in about 15 feet of the door of four different houses.  He would stop and fiddle with a small black gadget about the size of a multi function calculator.  Then he would turn and go to the next house without talking to anyone.  I wonder if he was doing the satellite locating for the coming Census? 

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