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Possible Food supply problem.

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This copy of a letter, came to me in an e-mail today from a farmer friend.  I shortened it by about 1/2.



In north central Missouri out in farm country, a friend/neighbor works for an agricultural supply company that furnishes fertilizer, pesticides, and the next season's crop seeds to most of the farmers throughout his region there in Missouri.

According to this friend, business at his company should be going full throttle right now, they'll do 80% of their business in a four month time frame. But right now, business is down 85%. Their business is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD! When the orders didn't start coming in at the end of Feb. like they usually do in years past, the company called the farmers to see when they were going to start ordering. They got the same answer from almost everyone, THEY WOULDN'T BE PLANTING THIS YEAR!  Generally, they said, Government Price Controls are below the costs of production.

To top that, the farmers can't get credit from the banks to buy their seed and supplies for the beginning of the growing season. If this problem is typical across the country then there could be a food shortage. I'd like to get a sense of what's going on in other parts of the country and see if this credit problem is regional or national in scope. I'm hoping others can check in their local areas to see what's happening.

If the credit backup broke loose tomorrow, they could still get most of the supplies in and out to the farmers by the end of the planting season. But if the problem persists for another 30 days or more then forget it. This season will be toast as far as this years food supply is concerned.

With all the talk in recent months about drought, floods, cold weather, wheat rust, false smut, and the like, I never considered the fact that perhaps the single biggest threat to our food supply would be the lack of credit!


Well, maybe my home garden needs to be bigger this year.

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I listened to a radio program where Generically altered food was discussed.

If true, it is a scary situation.

Today 7 major countries produce modified food including China, India, The united States, Canada and  Brazil.

In India 7 Buffalo were allowed to graze in a field of modified cotton for one day.  The next day they were all dead or dieing.

20 rats were fed modified tomatoes.  At first they refused to eat the tomatoes. Being fed nothing else, they ate the tomatoes.  After two weeks 7 had died and others were sick.  I thought rats could eat anything and survive.

Modified animal feed mostly corn and soy, has been designed to produce its' own pesticide.  This modified food causes cancer in animals and for people, after eating the meat from these animals, researchers have found people are growing a strain of Bactria in their gut that resists the bodies natural disease fighting mechanism and has caused an increase in cancer in people as well.

I've been researching modified foods after planting tomato seeds I took form a modified tomato and the seeds grew very small green beans.  I found the seeds while still in the tomato start sprouting before the tomato is even cut open.  Researchers have found that test animals also produce small inferior off spring if they produce any at all. Maybe this is a fix for the worlds over population which over the last few years has been declining.  >:( 

There is a recommended list of foods to stay away from.

Looks like I will be doing more research to check this out. 


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