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Global warming

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I found a cartoon in a small local newspaper.

It shows a mountain ranger telling two people in a car with a foot of snow on top,  that chains are required to proceed further.

The man in the car says "of course we didn't pack chains"

A sign on the side of the car reads "Global warming alarmist"

It is interesting that there are still groups wanting to spend billions of dollars, to fix Global warming even after it was proved false.  Most people now know Global warming ended in 1998, that polar bears have increased in numbers, etc. etc. etc. but I guess some people, mostly politicians, are still clueless.

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I disagree Gwizz. Most of those that are still pushing this conspiracy are not clueless. They know exactly what they're doing. It's greed and power that drives their dribble.

The ones that are clueless are the ones that subscribe to that dribble pushed by the power mongers.

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Hawk you are correct: But I was thinking about the people who believe them and they include most politicians.

As one Climatologist stated, I Knew we were not in Global Warming,  but there was so much hype about Global Warming being real, I was afraid to go public, thinking there must be something I missed.  But, I wasn't wrong.

A thinking person should have no problem understanding Global Warming is a fraud.  Too many people just don't think for them selves.

Now for the reason I re-read this thread. 

National Geographic is saying the sun's affect on the earth has been to cool it.  With the sun's sparse activity,

they are now predicting a little ice age.  Since the last ice age lasted from about 1300 to 1850, I doubt I will be alive to see this new ice age totally materialize.  So I wouldn't be moving.  ;D 

I'm already seeing it get a little colder each year.  I still waiting for winter to end.  But, I have a lot of wood for heat. 

I.m putting by garden in 10 foot tubs under glass  I have the tubs and the glass for a number of mini green houses.  Now I'm looking for cheap lumber.  Maybe recycled plastic and wood 2 by 4s, but they are expensive.  :-\

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Haven't you heard? It's not PC to call it Global Warming anymore. That has such a bad connotation to it (hence less profitable).

The PC term now is "our deteriorating atmosphere".

It's also no longer PC to talk about carbon dioxide. It must now be referred to as "moving away from the dirty fuels of the past". (folks are starting to re-learn that carbon dioxide is so critical to human life, which [they] had hoped [their] indoctrination centers would have effectively dispelled)

Also, since the idea of cap and trade is ringing so badly in everyone's ear, it should now be referred to as "cap and cash back" or "pollution reduction refund".

Doesn't the new PC terminology have a much better ring to it?  ::)

It sure helps their formula: create panic, blame capitalism, redistribute wealth, rinse, repeat.  :D

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Well the Global Warming design fraud continues.

A new study in the UK states that Global warming may not be as bad as predicted.

The report says that the oceans will rise about one half as high. (10 feet world wide)  At the end of this study report, is says the predicted time line is a rise of 1/4 inch per year for the next 500 years.  I'll never see it; Nor, will my grand kids.

By then this mini ice age we seem to be going into in real time, should have ended and people will be thankful for a warmer climate, if it ever does happen. 

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Well Global warming finally reached the Northwest.

It should reach over 90 degrees today.

Only on one day, roughly  25 years ago, did I feel the temperature reach exactly 100 degrees here in Seattle.

It is often this high 100 miles inland over the passes.

I guess we will now have to wait until the end of summer for Global cooling to return.  ;D

Gees, Global warming people, doesn't this same thing happen every year for as long as I can remember.  :-\

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Don't forget Gwizz; it's no longer called Global Warming. It's now called Climate Crisis, or some such ideology.

They finally figured out too many folks weren't buying into the Global Warming agenda so they had to rename it.  ;D

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Whatever they choose to call it now:

Yesterday I heard that in the last 10 days 28 states had reported record cold temperatures.

There was no record warm temperature reported,

except for an Obama team warning about Global Warming.

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Is has been so hot in Seattle, we spent yesterday on Lake Washington watching the unlimited boats races.   

We had been invited to sit in the boat sponsors area at the finish line.  We had free all you can eat food and drinks.  Our transportation were golf carts.  We also had 5 or 6 ski boats that shuttled us back and forth to the pits.  I didn't go to the pits.  They looked a bit crowded. anyway, I felt out of place.

Between races we watched the air shows and the Blue Angles fly and do their stuff. 

The Sea Fair pirates paid us a visit.  They were shooting at us with water pistols.  Those guys were huge.  But, a great bunch of guys.  They have a large size army duck fitted to look like a pirates sailing ship.  It is two big to drive on the road.  They came ashore and parked it on the park lawn.

off and on during the whole time, our group were giving awards to each other and talking about how the economy was hurting boat builders and how sponsors were scarce.  One fellow who was down in the pits with his boat,  offerer a million dollars to be given to two charities if two different boats won their heats.  I think one didn't.  But I'm not sure.

For a rich people's activity they all seemed down to earth and having fun.  I didn't notice any with a chip on their shoulders or even any hobnobbing.  Since a woman driver did win the Gold Cup, I was told a few old timers still didn't like supporting these women drivers.  There were two women competing.  Both were loudly cheered at times.

I was told that they buy used turbine engines for about $40K each and rebuild them for about $100K each. 

The people that invited us said their U-100 boat had 119 spare engines, but most were not in good shape and were used mostly for parts.  At a race, they can change an engine in about 20 minutes and a prop in about 30 seconds.  The U-100 is a very fast boat on rough water.  The lighter boats do better on smooth water when all boats run slower as they catch less air time. 

Thought you might enjoy hearing how the more affluent have fun on a very rare, hot day in Seattle.

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Rainy Seattle is now on its' 78 day without rain at the airport.

Our high daily temperatures at the Airport have ranged from the low 60s to a high of 111 degrees.

The last time this happened I remember it was not long before we had a very cold winter.

The high today will be in the 70s.  I think I will cut more firewood today.

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