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Nostalgic for RT3

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum.

A few days ago I borrowed a copy of Sid Meier's Railrods from a family member and played it for a few days.  I found that although it looked nice visually, the gameplay seemed like a watered down version of RT3.  That got me thinking of all the good times I've had playing RT3, so I dug up my old CDs and installed it.  After surfing the net for patches, I thought I'd see if there were still any active fan sites/forums, and found here to be the only place that didn't seem totally dead.  I had forgotten just how old this game is.

So, if you're reading this and still play RT3, please reply to my post, I'd like to see how many of us are still around.

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Hawk's and this site seem to be all that is left for RT3 and RT2.

There has been a continuous return of people to both sites.

Hawk's site is more active with new content and more maps.

Hopefully both sites can act as a backup for the other.

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It seems that this site is more active for RT2 and my site is more active for RT3.

Most times if someone comes to my site with a question about RT2 I direct them here.

It's kind of difficult for the 2 sites to be a back up for each other since there's little content that is the same on both.

There was another RT3 site but as of about a week ago has been shut down, so yes, you're right Gwizz. These are about the only two RRT sites left.

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I was thinking in terms of maps.  Your content and RT3 map sections are much larger.  Your RT2 map section does a good job of backing up the RT2 maps I have here.  I know you also back up your own site.  I don't know if Jesse does a backup for the Terminal at the server or not. 

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My whole site, files and all, is always backed up on my hard drive, and not my main hard drive. I have 2 drives and getting ready to install a third external drive for back up purposes.

If the site goes down for some reason I still have everything backed up.

The whole site only takes up about 5.14 GB on my hard drive.

As a matter of fact, I have all 9 sites I maintain backed up on that hard drive. All 9 sites is only about 6.75 GB.

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