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Microsoft - First Major Layoff Ever


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Bits and Pieces:

A first for Microsoft.  Microsoft announces a major layoff of it's regular employees, plus most of their contract employees.  They have many contract workers.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the government's incentive that was paid to major companies that moved production off shore.  We lost about 30% of our production to off shore countries.  A lot of production was sent to china and India plus many other countries.  Even Turkey and Italy received a share.  Products produced offshore do tend to cost less. 

Now we are seeing the costs of local products dropping because of the recession and the reluctance of people to buy during bad times.  We are now turning toward a depression.   

I heard that China is building up its' army, making it more high tech.

It seems to me that we are indirectly helping china to do this.

The top one percent of our people pay most of the US taxes.

I heard that these elitists think of paying taxes as an investment.  That they can gain more by paying these taxes than the cost of the taxes they pay.  I'm not sure how that works, except that they are the people who invisibly control the government.

I heard that when you add the number of welfare recipients to the number of government workers, a majority of their income are paid using tax dollars.  There has to be a point where the tax boat can no longer float.  We must be getting close to sinking.

I heard that for the 30% of people who are in the middle,  who pay more tax dollars than they take from our government, it would take about 80% of their net worth to pay off the national debt and pay all the bills of our government.  With more government, more welfare, more bailouts planned, it should not take long to reach 100% of what we are all worth, except for that 1% who say they add more to their net worth than they pay in taxes. 

When debt becomes larger than net worth, do we start over or do we just go to work for that 1% who may by then own everything. 

China would like to trade in the US dollars that they hold. They see the writing on the wall.  But, to do so could sink the US dollar and China would be left holding worthless money.  But than, so would the people of the US.

As Obama rushes to manipulate the economy, it seems to only get worse.  maybe that is why his public satisfaction rating  dropped from 80% to the mid 60s in just 4 or 5 days.

Another interesting comment I heard, was that, for this top one percent of the wealthiest of the US people, about 2/3 are Democrats.  I use to think that most of the wealthiest people in the US were Republicans.  Another busted bubble.

I wonder if these 1% people have calculators that have the number trillion coded in? 

If they do, they may be worth more than the US government.

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Each morning the news gives a list of companies announcing layoffs.

I feel for those who are losing their jobs and need an income to pay bills.

I think this is going to be a long slump for world wide economies, if not worse.

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I heard on the news yesterday that 70,000 people were laid off in one day from various large corporations around the country.

Now this makes me wonder, if these companies bean counters had any faith in the Obama stimulus package, would they be so fired up to lay off so many?

Makes me think that the money people of these companies know this stimulus package is a bunch of bull. I know that's what I think.

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I agree with you.  I follow the stock market.  If bailouts and stimulas packages etc were such a good thing, the stock market should be going through the roof.  Not only hasn't it done that, it has gone down since this round of shoveling money out the door faster than it can be printed got started.  Investors seem to also be voting "NO."

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I keep wondering when the excessive printing of money is going to hit the value of the dollar and if I will need a bigger wheel barrow to haul the money to buy a loaf of bread. 

I heard that ACORN has a new arm called the Homeland Stimulus Program.  If I remember correctly, it will receive about 1.6 billion dollars in Stimulus funds.  This amount should go a long ways in promoting more fraudulent voting.

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