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I think I got that Oldtimers disease.


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"The Peoples Train" has me Stumped again. Yeah, yeah, I know it can be done, I did it myself over a year ago. Darned if I can remember the method I used tho.  Even making sure I waste no time sitting around while the trains run, I spend every spare dollar of profit investing in Industies and Locomotives to keep the Passengers and Freight moving. I've issued four bond series to raise Cash in the beginning of the Scenario. Paid them off quickly once the cash started to roll in. I have large Hotels and Restaurants in all the Main Population Terminals. Still the Best I can Achieve is Silver in 1963, and thats on Easy Play.   Help me Obi Wan.  P. S. I recently ordered Rairoad Tycoon II Platinum Edition so I can Play a few more Scenarios. My version ended at "The Cape to Cairo."

Old Bill  :P :-\ ???

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I scanned the Forum way back to Sept 16, 2006. a Fella named Loco Motive had the answer. " Big trains, Passengers, Long distance runs. Screw the Steam. With the way the Cash rolls in I used the big Guys pulling six cars. Hotels , Large restaurants , Salons and Telephones increase the turnaround time and the bells never stop ringing. I got Gold in Early 1961. Had I played this a little closer to the vest, I'm sure I could of gone gold much earlier. Memory problem aside.  I'm sure I used a lot of freight in the scenario I got the gold in last year. Many ways to skin the Pig as they say!

P.S. Seventy years old? Just a Kid, I'm seventy Three.

Old Bill

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During the Christmas holidays I played through the old campaign, and this is one of the more difficult scenarios. I think I needed to try at least 3-4 times before succeeding with gold. This time I was quite focused on pax, but I know I have won this before with an industrial focus.

One of the possible problems with a passenger focused approach is that demand will drop if you haul too much to the same cities. Therefore, it is necessary not only to expand the network, you also have to set up the traffic so that you don't make demand drop in the main cities. This is one of the few scenarios where I actually do some micro management.

The problem when focusing on freight and industries is that the the main lines will be congested, and traffic will slow down.

Also, if economy goes down during the end of the game, it's hard to have the gold victory.

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Always up for a challenge, I've just tried this one and got the Gold on the hardest level with 5yrs to go.  How?  Using fairly conventional tactics, really: 

(a) Connect major cities with long straight tracks.

(b) Double track with concrete bridges.

© Add food/goods to passenger services where convenient.

(d) Electrify QUICKLY and get the GG1. 

(e) Hire Pullman as soon as possible.

Hence the dosh pours in

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I know this thread is getting a bit old but I just had to jump in for the record. I've just won gold in a hard campaign (not quite as quickly as Steve39 did) despite the economy hitting bottom for a while in the mid-late 50s.

I'd like to suggest UlfSun has it the wrong way round: it is not a late slump you have to worry about, but an early one. It really helps(and may be essential?) to have a boom early on, to up your earnings and get the prime rate down. By the end of 1953 I'd refinanced my bonds and had 5millions'-worth outstanding all at 5%.

My tips are

(1) be aggressive from the start and go for the big money (as Steve39 did)

(2) some of the stations and track you start with are there to be used (upgraded if necessary)

(3) some of the track and most of the stations you start with are there to be ignored, at least until after you've got your main money-spinning routes going

(4) when you leave the plains, there are ways to thread track through the hills on easy grades

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P.S. one word of warning: the original map's steel revenue events are wrong, and cheat you. On this site the map archives/download section has an alternative version (amendments by Davd Masters) in the Fixes subsection. That version is also still wrong. I think I'd better make that another Topic.

regards, Richard

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