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  1. OK! Its quite obvious that Double track doesn't impede Train movement but, whats the difference if I use Steel bridges (they're cheaper) rather than concrete bridges? Same, same, No? Old Bill. ??? ::) :P P.S. I guess I did have a Glitch in my old version of RRTycoon II. With the new Platinum Edition, I got Gold on my first try with the Dilemma Down Under. See previous Post ;) :D ;D
  2. Well I'd Like to reply that the new Map fixed my problem. But of course it didn't. I will state tho, that with much perserverance I was able to reach those briefing numbers in the required time frame and still the Game would not reward me with any sort of Medal. Just as I was about to remove and reinstall the Program from and on my Computer, My new Platinum edition arrive in the mail. I will start anew with this newer version through all the campaigns again and see what transpires immediatly after looking for and installing any patches or fixes on this Site. Whew! That was a long sentance. Old Bill :-\
  3. make sure you have the 1.05 patch and/or the fixed version of the scenario Still No Luck with this Darn Scenario. Way back on July 22, 2005, Loco-motive responded to another Frustrated user that they should have the patch and a fix for this scenario, that was available at this Site. What Fix and Where. I can find the patch download, but no sign of a fix for the Scenario. Old Bill ::) :P ???
  4. More like Dilemma here in Florida. I can't quite get a Handle on this one. Some tries are better than others because I get a better layout of Industries and start to profit in the early years. Nevertheless, I have yet to achieve the Gold. The Briefing says to achieve 1 million in profits for three years in a row before the end of 1972. I guess I tried a dozen times without success. Starting in 1970, I checked my annual profits. If any of those years were below a million, I would quit and start over. Then I thought I'd try for Silver or Bronze. Here's where it gets "Dumb" I did acheive a Million or more, (sometimes over two Million in a year) for three and for years in a row before 1977 or 1982 and the Darn game still wouldn't give me a Medal of any sort. Is this a Bug I don't know about and the Patch hasn't fixed, or do I have a glitch in my system thats out to get me. I could probably reload the game, but I hate the thought of losing all the previous Gold Medals I already have on display from the previous Scenarios. If anyone else has encountered this Problem, I sure would like to hear about it. My Impression of this one is, the longer the distance a load, (be it Passengers and Mail or Frieght) the more Cash it generates. This seems to be a better way to generate Profits than shorter Runs and less time consumed to raise Cash. When My new copy of Railroad Tycoon Platinum gets here I'll start all over again with all the new added Scenarios and see if it plays any better. Till then I'll try not to harm my monitor by banging my Head against it. Old Bill :P ??? :'(
  5. I scanned the Forum way back to Sept 16, 2006. a Fella named Loco Motive had the answer. " Big trains, Passengers, Long distance runs. Screw the Steam. With the way the Cash rolls in I used the big Guys pulling six cars. Hotels , Large restaurants , Salons and Telephones increase the turnaround time and the bells never stop ringing. I got Gold in Early 1961. Had I played this a little closer to the vest, I'm sure I could of gone gold much earlier. Memory problem aside. I'm sure I used a lot of freight in the scenario I got the gold in last year. Many ways to skin the Pig as they say! P.S. Seventy years old? Just a Kid, I'm seventy Three. Old Bill
  6. "The Peoples Train" has me Stumped again. Yeah, yeah, I know it can be done, I did it myself over a year ago. Darned if I can remember the method I used tho. Even making sure I waste no time sitting around while the trains run, I spend every spare dollar of profit investing in Industies and Locomotives to keep the Passengers and Freight moving. I've issued four bond series to raise Cash in the beginning of the Scenario. Paid them off quickly once the cash started to roll in. I have large Hotels and Restaurants in all the Main Population Terminals. Still the Best I can Achieve is Silver in 1963, and thats on Easy Play. Help me Obi Wan. P. S. I recently ordered Rairoad Tycoon II Platinum Edition so I can Play a few more Scenarios. My version ended at "The Cape to Cairo." Old Bill :P :-\ ???
  7. The Popular Consent seems to be, Stick with RR Tycoon II. How would you recommend I do that? Having acheived Gold in all Scenario's, what options are left for me? Funny thing is, I found a copy of RR Tycoon III on E-bay for Five Bucks with Seven Ninety Five for Shipping and Handling. Already ordered it. Ain't that a Bitch? Bill :-\ ;)
  8. Okay! I got the Gold in June of 1901. Up to my Ass in debt tho. All the previous scenarios asked you to be the Richest Guy of the Bunch or send the other RR Barons Packing. Now where do I go Gentlemen? Should I move onto RR Tycoon III or just shift from Easy to Hard. Lord knows the easy was difficult enough. I do have a copy of Sid Miers Railroads, but this bogged down my old Pentium 4 Computer. I'm sure it will run much better on this new Intel dual core. Should I skip RR Tycoon III and jump into this or wait? Bill, now Kickass on RRTycoon II ::) :P ;) P.S. I like to think of myself as pretty intelligent Guy. I've looked at and tried solving these scenario's from all sides, including bottom and top. When it looked to me as if the game Creators were imposing unsolvable situations, a different perspective provided by others restored my Sanity. Thanks!
  9. Your statement about track leveling has me confused. This is not something I am aware of. My version RR Tycoon II does not make any allowances for track leveling. If as you say I can raise enough cash by selling bonds and issuing stock, I'll have to experiment with this. My problem has always been waiting for the cash to roll in from operations before I could lay track and build service facilities. Another thing seems to be as your Tracks expand, your track maintenance rises so that your profits shrink. "Catch 22?" Bill, moving to Air Transportation. ;D ;D ::)
  10. A few more details Man. My level of Frustration with this one is making me Nuts. Bill :P :P :P ::)
  11. I say it can't be done. I speak of the last campaign, "From the Cape to Cairo". I've been to the Blue Baron site. He says he made Gold before 1902. I say, He's a big Fibber. If any of you Tycoons have done this before 1902, Please give this Old Guy a clue. This scenario seems to start out OK. Then both Trains and Revenue slow down to the point where I can't generate enough to lay all the track and build stations I need. Damn you Cecil Rhodes. Bill, Rotting away in Portugese East Africa. ??? :P ;)
  12. You'll never know how glad I am to have found this forum. I dug out an old copy of RR Tycoon II that I never really got involved with when I purchased it years ago. I've had my back to the Wall for over a Month now trying to get the Gold for the Peoples train. I've tried so many times to beat this thing, I have Dreams at Night that I'm playing this Scenario. I guess I could have moved on after winning Silver, but that would denegrate my string of Golds to this point. Anyway, I think I've picked up a few tips looking around on this forum. I feel I'm no longer alone in the world. My Grandsons look over my shoulder when I'm playing, and asking why I waste my time on this old Technology. If they can't kill it on their XBox, it's Dullsville to them. On another note, I seem to recall that Cecil Rhodes African scenario being impossible to beat also. If it can be beat, I'd like to know. Bill ::) :-\
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