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Computer Hacking

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consumer privacy advocate Katherine Albrecht reacted to a plan in Britain to hack into home users' computers with a technique called "remote searching." Such anti-privacy trends often get their start in England, before moving over to the States, she cautioned. Albrecht recommended the search engine ixquick.com, which unlike Google, only keeps search records for 48 hours.

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If they're using remote searching, they're hacking into your computer and your search engine of choice has no bearing on the matter.

BTW! ixquick turns up extremely limited results. Try it. You won't be impressed.

Yahoo and MSN have decided to cooperate with the feds and turn over all search data to them. Last I heard Google told them they wouldn't cooperate, but they also log every search ever made by everyone and store the records for up 6 months, I believe.

Not sure about the other search engines out there.

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