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Seattle is still involved with voter fraud.


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I read this a bit late; But thought I would post it anyway.

According to Michael Barone, an examination of 2004 King County (Seattle) records showed that nearly 2,000 more mail-in ballots had been "cast" in King County than had been requested.

The head of the Washington State Democratic Party orchestrating this (2004) ballot theft was Paul Berendt. Guess who is advising Al Franken on the Minnesota recount right now? That's right: Paul Berendt.

Get ready, good people of Minnesota: You have no idea what is about to hit you. And, per usual, the Republicans clearly haven't the vaguest notion what is about to hit them.

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A new audit of Washington State Voting, says many more votes were cast then there were registered voters for the 2004 Governor's election.  And, we re-elected our 2004 Governor.  Now we will have to wait another 4 or 5 years to find out how fraudulent the voting was for the 2008 election.  I'm wonder if Obama's Acorn group had anything to do with it?

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Seattle city counsel voted to build a water front tunnel.  The voters said no; But what does that have to do with the price of corn.  Seattle regularly over rules the vote of the people to over spend tax dollars. 

What is wrong with building a tunnel to replace the water front freeway.

1. The city is broke and still spending like a drunken sailor.  No disrespect for sailors who are at least drunk when they waste money.

2. The biggest problem is that the city is slowly sinking.  On the lake side of Seattle, a whole mountain slid into Lake Washington in the past. 

    Seattle does demand logging rights on the underwater forest, trees that are still standing in an upright position. 

3. Seattle is on a major earthquake fault.  On the harbor side of Seattle, the city has sunk about 20 feet.  (it did take place over many years)     

    Seattle is now long over due for another 100 year major earthquake. 

4.  Seattle needs to build another underwater dam to hold up all the new high rise buildings.  What would the people say if the city disappeared into

    the sound to join the largest genus of octopus in the world.  At least the counsel could distract the voters by calling for emergency help for the octopi.


People who build in unstable times on unstable ground, must need a good dose of therapy for unstable minds.

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The vote abductors were at it again in Seattle Washington. Many more ballots were received then were counted. Now how could that happen within a computerized process.

Last time they had more ballets cast than they had voters that actually voted. Now, why didn't those animals and those dead people vote again.

Thats not all. The machines that counted this years vote, They gave some of the Republican votes to Obama and the Democrats. Just a computer glitch, no doubt.

Since Obama won the election he ordered a resolution delivered to the united nations giving the the right to control gun ownership in the US to the UN.

As explained to me, There is some kind of loophole that by doing gun control in this way, it removes the constitutional right for US citizens to own fire arms.

He did that fast. I wonder what Obama is afraid of?

Interesting new weapon: Tanks can be equipped with intercepting missiles that automatically launch and destroy an incoming short range missile just feet before it reaches the tank.

The blast is felt inside the tank but is too weak to destroy the tank or injure the crew.

Texas is planning to become an independent country. It seems when Texas joined the United States they put a clause in the paperwork allowing them to leave the union, if they wish.

Washington State has a partition that is close to having enough signatures, stating a desire to leave the Union. There are similar activities taking place in about 34 other states.

There is another challenge being heard through out the nation.

It seems, if a majority of states refuse to send their members to the house as a protest, the rules state that lacking a quorum the house must order another presidential election.

I've never read that before. It does makes sense. The constitution does require a quorum vote to make any thing legal. Lacking a quorum vote a new President can't be chaired.

Interesting times we live in.

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