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The spider and the fly's friend

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I was looking out the window this morning, noticing all the new spider webs.

These webs were being made by many very small spiders.

Then a fly flew into one of the spider webs.

The spider was much smaller than the fly, but still started to expand the web around the fly.

The fly with one wing free was able to spin himself and the spider on

the web into a blur of spinning morning sun light. 

The spider how hard to see must have stopped his work and just held on. 

This went on for about a minute or two.

Then like a bullet there appeared a large yellow and black protector.

It stuck to the web, but quickly cut itself free.

hovering in flight it turned and looked over the situation.

Then grabbed the spider which held tight to the web.

But the web pulled apart releasing the fly and the hornet and fly flew away.

Poor spider was no where to be found.  only a bit of web remained.

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