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Star War Weapons

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With Russia's invasion of Georgia, I wonder how close we got to implementing the Star War Weapons.

Some random thoughts:

A few years ago, the Star War related radar station we wanted to put in one of Russia's ex-satellite nations, after this nation became an independent nation, was met with a threat of military invention by Russia if we built that facility so close to Russia.

Also a few years back I heard that the US was launching a least one rocket per week.  What they were for was never made public.  I wonder if some were Star War missions?

Tesla was able to blow the top off a mountain from the top of another mountain in the 1930s.  He use some type of beam that got it power from air in earth's space with a number of antennas.  He also had worked at a near by power station that may have been putting electricity into the air of earth's space.  I wonder what this technology can do today.  Harp may have a part in powering this technology.

Russia knows we are fully involved in Iraq, so for them it is a good time to invade and start reclaiming some of the territory it gave up after the cold war.

Also there is a major oil pipeline the runs across Georgia, if cut this could increase the demand for oil and off set the down turn in oil prices we are seeing today.  I believe that Russia in an independent oil nation.

The elite US democratic leadership is blocking efforts for the US to become independent in oil production.

The bigwig dollar supporters of the wealthy democratic party are involved in the major financial Companies.  These companies must be making a lot of money from the high price of oil.  I would not be surprised to find out that they are the major speculators in oil commodities that ran the price of oil up so high.

All this greed allows the evil empires of the world to increase in power.

If we don't find a way to control this problem of the greedy elite gone wild, it will eventually come back to bite us.

But, with the problem of the Russian invasion, maybe it is time to fire up the Star War weapons if they exist.

Saying that, I keep thinking about the many movies made about evil empires using star war technology to control people.  Maybe we are about to become an evil empire.


This seems like good material for a RT2 map.  One outcome could be the disappearance of a nation or even the world.

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