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Is it becoming a trend to close down roads in big cities.

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New York is closing a few miles on one road in the city to motor vehicles to see how the people take to it.

They will study how the people will transport them selves on this road.

Seattle is putting together a bill to make it illegal for a car to contain less than 2 people in the city.

If you drive alone you may have to take the bus or train.

If you are dropping off somebody maybe grandma will have to ride along.

This could become a windfall for the elderly by giving them a useful job to do.

They might be called: Car Pool Providers.

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It is better called "Big Brother Liberal Nanny State Instrusion" into my personal business.

That last time I tried to drive in New York was 1972.  It was clogged then, and finding a parking place was nearly impossible.  The city does have decent rapid transit, so we usually took it even back then.

The last time I was in Seattle was in 1990.  I-5 was a mess during rush hour, but other than that, the city streets weren't usually too bad.  Unless it has improved a great deal, rapid transit in Seattle was very poor.

What this will do is create an additional market for life like blow up dolls.  They are used for the carpool lanes of highways now.  This will bring them onto the city streets.

Or since Seattle is a sanctuary city, the illegal aliens will have a new day labor job - being the second person in your car.  They might even wash your windows and clean your ashtray for you.

Yeap, I think that's it.  This is the illegal alien full employment act.

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Seattle closed down a road for a day on Sunday. Seattle's Auto Free Day.

They towed away all cars that were parked on the street to the surprise of their owners.

Then the rains came and the street stayed almost empty for most of the day.

Since it was a failure, Seattle is sure to have another try at it.

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