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With the high prices of fuel people around Seattle are using public transportation more than they did.

But not necessarily the trains.  The buses are taking the hit.  With the need for more buses there is a need for more taxes with an included increase in bus fares.

While the trains are carrying more passengers they are not full.  They can not go everywhere since Seattle is a hilly city and consequently train construction is expensive.  Seattle will be asking the state for more billions to add more trains and routes. The voters will again vote this down and the government will declare the right of the voters to vote it down illegal and pass the Bill.  And taxes will again go up. 

People are still moving to this Democratic controlled city.  But some are moving out.  I guess the others are just slow learners.  If the city continues to increase taxes it may well become the city with the most heavily taxed people in the nation.  What an honor that would be for Seattle and the people vote for these crooks.

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Seattle is also a sanctuary city. Maybe they should figure out a way to get some of that money from all the illegals they love so much.

I was in Seattle in '72. I found it to be one of the friendliest cities I had been in. Even the police were friendly and helpful.

I was hitchhiking around the country and ended up there and needed a place to sleep. A cop told me where to go to find a local organization that helped out those of the nomadic lifestyle.

After going there and finding a place for the night, a policeman stopped the last bus going that direction so I could catch up to it.

This was something I had not experienced before, and haven't since. 'Course I was only of the 'Nomads' for about a year.  ;)

I even got drunk at the foot of the Space Needle.  ;D

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I heard a comment this morning that recycling may not be working very well in the Seattle area.

We are taxed to supply recycling processes to help us stay green, 3 cans or 2 different recycle cans required.

It seems that the recycle trucks have been dumping into the same pile as the garbage trucks.

The transfer trucks haul from this garbage pile to a common dump site over a hundred miles away.

Now maybe the waste is again separating at this dump site or the recycle tax money is used for something else.

A deeper investigation is needed.

Seattle has a new bag tax.  0.20 cents per carry out bag.  These Democrats sure like to tax.  The Republicans aren't much better. 

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Gwizz & Hawk:

I think I like you guys (funny, since I've been hanging out here and at Hawk's site off and on for years).  I know Hawk is around my age from his bio at his website, and I have a feeling Gwizz isn't exactly a teenager.

So who are we going to vote for this year, since our choice is between a moderate Democrat and a liberal Democrat?  I guess I'll do what I've been doing since 1964 (I wasn't quite old enough to vote in that election, but I would have voted for the founder of the modern Republican Party), which is vote for the lessor of two evils.  My three sons were raised RIGHT.  My wife of 33 years still backslides on me occassionally (she was raised in Massachusettes).  My parents (both in their 80s) are always a toss-up, since Dad still thinks DamnYankee and BlackRepulican are in the dictionary (hard core Democrats since before the War Between the States).  My grandmother (97) shouldn't be allowed to vote, but the Democrats make sure she does.  So I can deliver four guaranteed votes, three iffy votes, and one certain Democrat vote, no matter who the Democrat candidate is.


I lived in Tacoma from 1981 to 1990.  One of the things I always liked about Washingto was its initative law.  In 1982, the local school board suckered us with a vote for higher taxes to "help the schools."  It passed, and it helped them, alright.  It paid for new carpeting and new furniture for the principle's and superintent's office.  None of it was spent on education.  That's when I really started paying attention to Washington initative laws.  As I recall, to pass, an initative must receive at least 60% of the votes caste in the last general (Congressional) election, and then must receive a 60% favorable vote.  I always liked that.  It means there cannot be a poorly publized election (which we get in Louisiana all the time), because the turnout has to be at least 60% of the last Congressional election.  It also means that all of the public employees can't just show up and vote yes (polling places tend to be places, such as schools and fire departments that are staffed by public employees).  The preferred tactic was to not vote, since even a "No" vote counted towards the 60% that voted in the last general election.


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With the choices we have this time around, I believe I'm going to vote for Pat Paulson (either one of you remember him?).  ;D

I agree with you Thomas. There is no conservative to vote for this election.

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The jury is still out for me.

If either of the two wins we will be shot in the foot and maybe wake up sooner and fix things.  Perhaps sooner with Obama.

I'm waiting for a while, hoping a third person will come on strong.  I've lost count of the number of people who have stated they will not vote for either one of the two leftists.

Side note: 

There is a news team interviewing people concerning how many carbon credits they owe.  They calculate the miles a person drove that day to figure the cost.  One lady was told she owed over a dollar in carbon credits.  the lady wrote a check for $20 dollars to pay for the carbon she created saying she drives that much every day.  No wonder Gore is making money on carbon credits,  people feel guilty over this hoax and over pay him.

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I've read that only less than 2% of the Co2 in the atmosphere is human produced. The rest is mother nature herself.

I wonder if they'll try and sue her for her contribution.  ;D

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Question:  1,000 years ago, where was the wine producing capital of Europe?

Answer:  It was England.  France was too warm, and good grapes wouldn't grow there, but they would grow in England.  Today, it is too cool for good grapes to grow in England, so France is the wine producing capital.

Question:  Now that the glaciers in Greenland are receding, what are the archeologists finding?

Answer:  Viking settlements that were abandoned when Greenland froze over beginning around 1400 AD.

As recently as a thousand years ago, the Earth was warmer than it is now.

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