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Cheap Fuel, Who needs it.

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The Democrats in the US are blocking efforts to open up new supplys of fuel.

I guess they feel we don't need cheaper fuel, when we can ride the trains instead.

I've looked at taking a vacation by train.  Where and when I wanted go the trains and booked solid.

Tickets are by reservation only.  Planes are also booked solid.  There is even a shortage of rental cars if I fly. 

In the US the country is so big and spread out, private cars have long been the most convenient way to travel.  Because we use a lot of fuel, prices have long been lower in cost than in other nations.  besides the US pumps over 70% of the fuel it uses.  It also has enough oil to supply 100% of it's own needs if our government would let this happen.  This action would free up the oil we import for use by other nations and lower prices elsewhere. 

By the way the US is also an oil exported.  The US trades for oil from Canada and Mexico while exporting Alaskan oil.  This saves on the cost of shipping oil for all three countries.   

Now with a world wide demand for the 30% we now import there is no reason for the other oil countries to sell oil to the US as cheap as they were.  Nearly everything is affected by the high price of oil, Food, shipping, personal travel, etc, etc, etc.

Yet the Democrats in our Government hold a majority of votes and are able to block any further development or change in oil trading policy.  I wonder who is profiting from these inflated oil prices.  Is it those that control the ones who are blocking the needed changes?  I think it is. 

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