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A thought on the hollow earth theory.

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Question: is the earth hollow?

Without doing any math.

As I stand on a spinning earth, I will not fly off into space.  Gravity holds me in place.

Since the mass of the earth creates gravity, then if I were standing at the center of the earth

wouldn't gravity tend to pull me toward the outer edge of the earth in all directions thus completely neutralizing  the gravitational affect on me except for the slight gravitational force of the moon.  The main force on me then would be the centrifugal force of the spinning planet aided by the moon.

Since gravity is basically zero at the center of the earth Wouldn't this same centrifugal force aided by the moon tend to pull the center out creating a hollow space to a point where gravity equaled the centrifugal force?

Interesting postulation.  Mathematicians may tell me I'm all wet on this one.


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