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China, what if?

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With china's push to reduce population, How could it affect us?

As most people know if a girl gets pregnant and already has a child, she is literally forced to have an abortion.

The pressure for the first child to be a boy is so great it often results in a girl becoming a first child abortion.

Consequently, there are 3 times more boys then girls in China.

The youth in big cities choose not to marry nor have babies and seek luxury toys instead.

With the growth of the huge Chinese army, war would be a way to further reduce population.

The quantity of technology necessary to do this is quickly growing through their sales of cheap goods.

In America, with the reduction of our power as a nation and movement toward radical left socialism,

with the printing of valueless money, with the striping of our industry and reduction of the net worth of citizens,

Where the elite feel Superior to those with less money and seek to control everyone and everything.

We may only have a short time to wait for the inevitable.

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