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Obama moving to the middle.

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I guess Obama feels he can't be elected President if he stays on the radical far left.

He is quickly moving to the center.  He is making 180 degree turn-a-rounds that are angering his Democratic friends.

By flipping, he is being a politician, who says what you want him to say, even if it is the opposite of what he said yesterday.  He said we need change and he is now changing to fit a new group of people.

Iran is now a threat, before he only needed to talk to them.  We now need to become oil independent. He now wears his flag pin again.  What made him more patriotic.   Etc,  Etc,  Etc,  Etc.

In politics to take both sides of an issue means you have lie to those on one side.   

Life is like a balance scale.  To be in the middle, a person can't weight in more at one end than the other.

Now was Obama lying to the far left to get the democratic electrical vote or is he lying now, having switched to the middle in an effort to get more of the moderate vote. I don't know what he stands for.

I heard that over 1/3 of Clinton's supporters say they will not vote for Obama. 

How ever it turns out,  Obama wants our vote anyway he can get it.  I doubt he will worry much if he doesn't keep promises.  He is a politician after all.

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Interesting when Obama was in Germany he spoke to a German Audience without an interpretor.  The German people had come for a concert of some kind and many stayed to see Obama.  He told the Germans he was not there as a candidate for the Presidency of the USA,  But as a citizen of the world.  Well now, does that mean he is planning to use the US presidency as a stepping stone to run for the Presidency of the world.

I felt it was interesting when those Germans, that must have understood English or read a cue card, would yell, every one followed and also yelled.   I was under the opinion that Generally Germans didn't like people from the USA.  They seemed to like Obama or at least his cue cards.  But then, they don't really know him, do they. 

I believe he is the scariest and most radical politician that has the possibility of gaining control of the most powerful country in todays world.  The US may not be so powerful when Obama gets done with it, that is if he is even elected.  Lets hope not. 

I don't like the left leaning Republican candidate either.  If I remember correctly over my lifetime, no left leaning Republican candidate has ever won the presidency.  Only Conservative Republicans have won.  I guess the elitists have put this election deep in their bag of tricks.  This will mean more taxes for the elitists pockets and fewer middle class in the future.

Oh, another thought.  With the reputation that the Democrats have of getting homeless and dead people to vote,  maybe they are looking for German votes.   Sign here and Gore will send you some Carbon credits.   ::)

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Obama made a comment that the walls came down when England made peace with Belfast.

The fact is:  Belfast has built more walls between the two religious sides since then.

Obama effort to tell the world how much he knows and how smart he is, is not going very well.

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I'm going to presume that your read TownHall.com and Bortz's Daily News every day.  If you don't, you should.

Obama gives a great speech.  I've listened to many of them.  They are like attending a high school pep rally, or an Amway rally, or something similar.  You leave feeling all wonderful about yourself, the world, and the future.  But if you give a thought to what Obama said, you realize he didn't say anything.

A case in point:

I was driving back from Atlanta last April on had FoxNews on in the car (XM Satellite Radio) when Obama gave his major speech about Latin America.  I really picked up on the portion about Cuba.  Obama is going to renounce the failed policies of the Bush Administration (which have been the policies of the US since 1960), and negotiate with Cuba for freedom for its people, an end to political prisoners, a more open government, ad nauseum.  Cuba knows those are our positions, and has known that for nearly 50 years.  Cuba could be our friend anytime it wanted to, and has known that, too.  Obama offered no carrots or sticks in this speech to bring Cuba to the negotiation table, and no carrots or sticks to make them do things our way.  In effect, he said he is going to do exactly what Bush, and past presidents have been doing for the past 50 years, which is demand that Cuba change, without offering them any reason to do so.  But the speech sure sounded good when he gave it.  Specially the condemnation of Bush.

That is at least part of what is so scary about Obama.  He has great speech writers (even if they do play loose with the facts), and he is a very gifted public orator.

He does have a major weakness, and he knows it.  He does not think fast on his feet, and is not a good contemporaneous speaker.  He did not perform well in the unscripted Democrat debates, and he has refused to attend town hall unscripted meetings with McCain.

I am also very frightened by his background.  He was raised for a few years by his white, liberal, athestic mother and her second husband in Muslim Indonesia, where he attended a Muslim school.  And Hillary Clinton found a paper he wrote in Kindergarden or the 1st Grade that said he wanted to be President.  Everybody laughed at that months ago when it was revealed.  I think the laughing part was a mistake.  His mother divorced her second husband (or maybe it was the other way around, or maybe he died - Obama's natural father is dead), and she returned to Hawaii for a bit.  Obama was then raised by his white liberal athestic grandparents.  Somewhere along the line they discovered the value of affirmative action, and checked the box that this white liberal teenager whose father happened to have been born in Kenya and divorced his mother when Obama was 2 years old was an African-American.  Imagine that.  Obama didn't even know what the word meant, but it got him into Punaho, the most exclusive private high school in Hawaii (I graduated from St. Louis, down the street, just a few years before him).  Obama probably did experience discrimination in high school, but it had nothing to do with the fact that his father was from Kenya, and everything to do with the fact that neither of his parents were from anywhere in the Pacific.  I was one of 6 pure causcasians in my graduating class, and yes, I know what discrimination feels like.

While at Punaho, he first started coming in contact with far left loons.  That continued when he attended a small college in California for a year or two, before moving on to the Ivy League, thanks to affirmative action again.  While there, he met the woman who has never before been proud of America (despite graduating from Ivy League colleges herself, holding a Law Degree, and earning around $300k per year), and who wrote a paper condemning America during her senior year of college.  After graduating, rather than returning to his home in Hawaii, they returned to her home in Chicago, where he fell in with the Chicago political machine (anybody remember Mayor Daly?).  He also joined Wright's church, and associated with known terrorists.  He still won't renounce the terrorist, and only renounced Wright when Wright said Obama really does believe all this Black Liberation theology and is only pretending he doesn't because he is a politician.  And I do believe Obama does.  He is married to a woman who clearly does, and he listened to it for 20 years in church, and early on kept saying he didn't understand why people were upset about Wright.  Of course not.  He didn't see anything wrong with what Wright was saying because he believed everything Wright was saying was true.

My choices would have been three good ole boy Democrats: Newt Gingrinch, Zell Miller or John Breaux.  Yeah, I know Newt was the Republican Speaker of the House, but his roots are good old conservative Democrat.  He switched parties before Zell did, and John still hasn't.  I'd be comfortable with any of the three.  Give me a good old fashioned Southern Democrat any day.

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How about this new radical that Obama is friends with. Ludacris, the rapper. Obama has praised him as being a great person and entertainer, even though his songs (I say songs loosly since rap really isn't music) reek of hatred, violence, and sexism.

I heard on the radio yesterday (Fox News) that Obama's grandmother said that Barry (as she calls him) will be the President of the World, which is what he's after. Maybe he's the anti-Christ.

He is one of the best con-men to come down the pike in many, many years and he's got a lot of folks buffaloed.

Bob Barr is the Libertarian candidate but voting for him won't do any good. It won't really take away any votes for Obama since voting for him will be the same as not voting.

So what are we to do? Secede from the US? Sadly even that won't get us away from the political, economical, and socialist termoil about to take place. It's going to be world-wide.

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The funny thing is, Europe is moving more conservative (slowly).  Sweden has partially privitized social security (similar to the Republican effort several years ago), and France is at least considering raising the work week back to 40 hours.  All of them are lowing taxes.  The US has one of the higher tax rates in the industralized world.  Europe is beginning to realize you can't giving everybody everything.  Somebody has to pay the bill.  High taxes discourage people from working harder.  They don't get to keep the extra money, so why work harder?

A vote for Bob Barr doesn't hurt Obama, but it may well hurt McCain.  Ross Perot got enough votes in 1992 to through the election to Bill Clinton.  Ralph Nader took enough votes away from Al Gore in Florida in 2000 to give the state to George Bush, so it does work both ways.

A vote for a 3rd Party may not be a totally wasted vote, if enough people do it.  Just as Perot gave us Clinton, his impressive turnout showed there was a strong movement for conservative government.  He helped contribute to Newt Gingrinch's conservative takeover of the House in 1994 - which the Republicans squandered, unfortunately.

I'm going to vote for the lesser of 2 evils.  I don't agree with many of McCain's positions, but I do agree with some of them.  I don't agree with any of Obama's positions.

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