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Any interest in/suggestions for a War on Terror Map?

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I've got a rough plan for a 'War on Terror' RT map, and would like some feedback.

A North American map with the mail Class I routes pre-installed.

The player is the railroad administrator for the DoJ's rail operations arm (I bet you didn't know that existed!), and becomes part of the Department of Homeland Security.  Your mission is to avert a major terrorist attack in the USA.

Starts in 2001, runs to 2011.

Key historical events -

9/11 - Obviously - has to be tactfully handled (which probably rules me out as the designer)

DOHS cerated, and gets bucket loads on money, plus responsibility to deliver all Uranium Waste to a secure dump site.

The main idea I had was to ensure all the US's nuclear reactor waste is delivered to a new secret government waste dump.  Failure to deliver twice as much waste to the dump as Uranium is delivered *may* result in Al Kyda detonating a "dirty bomb" in a major US city.

So where should I put this secret waste dump?  Death Valley?  Portland?

Military buildup in 2002 - player required to deliver munitions, troops and weapons to Andrew's for delivery to Iraq.  Failure to do so will see DOHS' funding cut, and maybe you loose your job.  Perhaps the Iraq invasion is called off, perhaps it is less successful if the goals are only partly met?  How should that work?

Hurricane Katrina - serious flooding and problems created around New Orleans?  Perhaps there should be a way the player could rebuild the levy's by delivering materials to New Orleans?  Evacuate survivors?

Should I have a goal where the DOHS assists the CIA with "rendition", transferring terror suspects to secret prisons in Mexico?

DOHS should also take charge of Uranium deliveries to new weapons developments at various secret locations around the US.

Should failing to deliver these invite a Nth Korean nuclear attack?  Or should it stop Al Kyda finding a way to detonate a US nuke on US soil?

Or should I just abandon the whole idea lest someone mistake it for a genuine plot?

Suggestions invited.

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Quote, "So where should I put this secret waste du Portland?  mp?  Death Valley?"

Downtown Seattle.  Where the elite occupy the top floors and the gangs occupy the streets.

Kidding aside,  I like this idea for a map.

California in having a drought and wild fires. 

The central valley has been pumping down the water table for years where the water now comes up hot.

An earth quake is now predicted for the San Joaquin Valley where the porous ground could sink and the sea water enter

into the valley again.  With the coming of water powered cars, the inventors like Chris Meyer will need protection ( he was poisoned) and the guy that just discovered high frequency low cost distillation of water into hydrogen also needs protection.

Oil tankers and oil RR cars could be converted to haul fresh water from the Mississippi to San Fransisco.

Cement could be needed to build a dam and locks under the golden gate bridge.

As the valley became lower, pumped dry like the Dead Sea area.

Major earth quakes could sink the Mississippi and flood the Midwest.

I made a map that randomly flooded the US in three events.  the last event took about 1/2 of the land mass.

I wonder if land could be raised out of the sea?  Never tried to do that.

A very major disaster could be the shifting of the poles.  The magnetic poles have for years been moving. 

The earth is now ripe for a pole shift again.

The middle earth people could get involved, fearful their underground cities would be affected.

HLS might not be ethical, controlled by the elite, and troop movement used to control HLS.

Of course you would want Global Warming.

I'll think about your idea.  Could be a very interesting map.

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