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UK skeptical of green laws

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I spend a lot of time listening to the radio.  For the last 3 years the British people have been paying taxes to support green agenda items.

A new poll indicates that 75% of the British people believe Environment concerns have been hijacked

by those who feed off of higher taxes for their own profit.  I believe the US is being directed in the same direction.

But on a positive side, It seems like people everywhere are waking up to real facts and are rejecting many of the environmental lies.  On a resent radio broadcast there was talk about the insanity of trying to protect the polar bear from Mother nature (Global Warming) when the polar bear has the ability to adapt without our help.   

There was talk about global warming and how this has been happening long before man became a factor. 

How recently, people are being blamed for major weather changes because it is man who causes global warming; yet, there are points in history where these extremes were much greater and where mans influence was almost non existent.   

One caller made a statement that it is a lot easier to destroy our environment than to fix it.  The commentator refuted this statement; But, it made me think.  There is a lot of truth in the statement, on a smaller scale.

We can take a life but not re-create that life; Yet, life survives.  We can over fish an area but somehow fish survive.  some species have become extinct and over time this has been happening without mans help.  Man can cut down a forest and if left alone  it will grow back.  Almost every environmental problem we can create mother natures seems to be able to repair over time.   It seems to me that every time man get involved in an environmental problem, it gets worse because of man nature to modify everything for his own benefit and profit.

Common sense seems so lacking in our times.  There was a climatologist in San Francisco who specialized in predicting the possibility of earth quakes using pure science.  he was roughly 80% accurate in his predictions; Yet. he was told by his superiors to stop predicting earth quakes because he was scaring the people.  Luckily for us, he quit and continues to predict the possibility of earth quakes.

Man can rake havoc on the earth.  But I believe it is those environmental gardeners who profess to fix the problems that grow the most weeds.

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