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RR cars anchor bridge in flood.

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RR cars are used to anchor bridge in flood.  While these seem like normal cars, I have seen cars full of gravel used to hold a bridge in place against the pressure of floating Debris in the water.  Those RR tank cars may be full of water.  The Debris in this case looks like 15 or more house boats since all the doors are above water.  Even the two story house seems out of place for a normal house floated off it foundation.  A normal house comes apart from the force of the water, when it hits a bridge.   


This associated Newsweek article is really about global warming.  It is slanted toward blaming man as the major cause of modern day disasters which has been Newsweek's normal agenda for a long time.  This common theme of facts, salt and peppered with lies is so common nowadays.  Nowhere does it talk about the huge number of new undersea volcano's that are warming the oceans and causing sea ice to melt.  It does say that the warm water is causing an increase in disasters which is more than likely true.

It blames man as the major cause of this warming of the waters which is not true. 

Now Gore may be able sell more of his carbon credits, if the masses believe this and pass new laws requiring increased taxes.

Man may have some blame since a number of countries now have the ability to modify the weather.  An example is: That huge fire in Burma 10 or 15 years ago, where Russia offered to send a major rain storm to put out the fire.  Burma refused the offer.  I wish they had excepted the offer.  Burma is a strange country ruled by a dictator. He even turned down aid recently, for thousands of his disaster starved citizens.

It irritates me to see the news media promote lies to the masses so that a few filthy rich men can add to their wealth using our tax dollars, that the masses they confused, voted into law.   

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...  Nowhere does it talk about the huge number of new undersea volcano's that are warming the oceans and causing sea ice to melt. 

And they don't even mention the most obvious cause: those buried "flying" saucers!  American journalism is clearly in a parlous state :-).

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