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can't win with people who like to tax

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I heard today that our Democratic US congress is working on a bill to help people.

They want to help 400,000 people who have bad credit ratings.

they will collect enough taxes to offer each of these people about $750,000 dollars worth of credit.

I guess it pays to have bad credit that the democrats can fix.

What is wrong with these people fixing their own bad credit scores.

On a second note:

My small local city passed a tax on telephones.  This added about $8.00 to my monthly bill.

They have enough employees for a city twice their size.  I guess they need more money to pay these extra employees.

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Thanks mainly to you and dj there's more activity here than at RTI. I'd like to see more activity at RTI also, as well as here.

It does seem though that all the RRT2 activity is here so at least that's being kept alive.  :)

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