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Seattle received the 2nd highest amount of rain ever today.


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Over the last two or 3 days we had a few inches of snow.  But today Seattle had over 6 inches of warm rain.  We now can't drive from Seattle to Portland without going an extra 120 miles to get there.

Across the sound from Seattle Bremerton received over 12 inch of rain today.

Roads are covered with water all over the coast side of the state.

Some areas don't have any open roads to use.  We have flooding, sink holes and mud slides. 

Many trains are also stopped.  But I saw one very long container train in the yard and later heard it heading over the mountains for Eastern Washington.

The wind along the coast knocked down trees and many people are without power.

A city on the coast had a wind gust that hit 119 MPH. 

In the area 100 MPH winds were more normal.

Being more inland, I doubt I had more then about 40 MPH winds here.

It is expected to rain for two more days, but, with more breaks of light rain and less wind.

Our coastal rain forest that normally get over 200 inches of rain each year, I bet was extra wet today.  It did have a 700 year old spruce tree blow over. 

Well, I know there are places in the US that have greater amounts of rain and wind in a short time.

But, we are just not use to it here.   

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