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Announcement: Updated Industry Charts and Locomotive Lists

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I have updated the RT3 Industry Charts and RT3 Locomotive Lists to RT3 patch level 1.06. They are available at Hawk's site (under 'Tips, Tutorials, and Utilities' near the bottom of the Extras page).

They are also attached here, in this post.

As before, the packages contains pdf documents. But this time I have also included the editable 'source files' from which the pdf documents were created.

Each package contains two versions each. One for patch level 1.05 (the last one from Poptop) and one for the *unoffical* patch level 1.06. Everyone may not want to install user created patches... ::)

I do know there is an excellent locomotive list included in the patch documentation. The purpose of 'my' list is to provide a simple table (three pages) to have handy when playing.  :)





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