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New Map "Take Over Tycoon"


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Like many of my maps this is a re-make of the Heartland Map.

It starts with 16 chairmen, almost all are RR builders.

Map Goals are to take over, by the last month in the 10th year an AI railroad. ( a ten year map)    For example:

Operate at games end the 30th RR to startup on the map for GOLD or

Operate the 25th for Silver or the 20th for Bronze.

Of course you will need to fire each chairmen after they start their 1st RR and still leave then with enough money to build another RR and maybe a 3rd, so that you can take over one of the Railroads that started as the 20th, 25th or 30th on the map.

Possibly a difficult map since it requires a different play style then most are use to.  If you like fussing with the AI railroads, it is a map for you.

I will leave the rest for you to figure out since it is normal Tycoon operations.

FYI,  This map has been on my hard drive for a long time. I have not had time to played this map to a full win, so if anyone finds a problem let me know. The events are simple so there should not be a problem.  Most events were like the ones used on my Chicago maps.  The events that are different have been tested except for the 3 win events.


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