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RRT3 in Vista?


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Hello there,

I just found this site, and just bought the game, and this topic made me want to register and reply.  I have three computers

1) a brand spanking new one I built, with a  DirectX 10 compatible graphics card, and the Vista OS,

2) a work laptop only 3 months old with Vista (which I only have home on occasion),

3) an older desktop with XP. 

For some reason RRT3 works with the laptop and the old comp, but not the new one.  Que?

But here is the kicker...the RRT3 DEMO works with all of them.  WHY?  Why will DEMO work with my new desktop but the installed RRT3 game won't?  I even changed the compatibility setting of the RRT3.exe to run as WinXP.  That didn't help either.  I installed the game 3 different times too.  I even tried to install the CtoC expansion and the 1.05 patch.  Nothing, nada.  I just don't get it.

I should add that the game almost loads up.  The main menu screen starts up, and then a few seconds later the whole things crashes and a window pops up telling me it won't work and to close it.

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It's my understanding that RRT3 will run on a Vista machine, but only the default install, and I believe the 1.03 patch. Installing the C to C expansion and/or the 1.05 patch will not work, and since the 1.05 patch won't work-neither will the 1.06 patch since it requires the 1.05 patch to be installed.

This is the first time I've heard of the default install not running on Vista.

I have heard of one occasion of somebody getting the C to C to run under Vista but not clue as to how.

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To anybody:  Have new Dell desktop with Vista Home Prem.  Bought RRT3 &

downloaded it this afternoon, but only after installing MS SP-1. When I tried

to start the program got big error message( RRT3 won't work closing program).  Have read thru all the messages, need something more concrete.

Please e-mail me at gfarris71@comcast.net, if this thing has been fixed.

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So, no one's had any luck with this yet? I've got the exact same issues as mentioned before - the game runs fine on a clean install (v1.00), but if I upgrade past v1.04 the game crashes immediately a couple of seconds after the menu shows up. I'm running a new laptop with Vista x64 installed, which I reckon is likely to have even more troubles with dated software than the 32-bit Vista.

I guess if there's no other way past these troubles I could always reinstall the game at the highest version Vista is able to handle (v1.03?), but does anyone here have any clue how this will work with for instance newer user-made scenarios?

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