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Discovered glitch (cheating?)

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I jsut discovered a glitch in RT3 which allows you to form consists of over 8 cars! The trick is that when you buy a new train, then tell it to haul 8 cars, then wait until the train is in the middle of loading and then go into the "consist" screen and change the last car to a diner, the original 8-car consist will finish loading, then the diner will be added as a 9th car. I haven't tried this with a caboose yet, though.

EDIT: Not only does this work with the diner, but it also works with the caboose (or the diner/caboose combination, which brings the maximum number of cars up to 10). Also, you don't have to do this for a new train for it to work; you can do this with a train you've already been running.

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The RT3 engine had a lot of innovation that didn't make it past the last cut.

The company was in a hurry to get the game into production and just dropped anything extra to do so.

I wonder how much profit they could have made if they had allowed the time necessary to fine tune the new innovations. 

They did the same thing with Sids Railroads.   

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