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Color problem

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I've been playing through the campaign and I'd like to know what to do about the fact that the ground color changes gradually over the course of a scenario.  This gets really annoying when the water's surface is blotchy (almost every color of the rainbow), and when I'm playing a desert map like Texas and the ground gets white with blurry spots of blue or yellow all over the place.

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This is a problem that was never completely fixed.

I believe your video card has a lot to do with it.

It seems that if the map has been opened and saved a lot the problem is more noticeable.

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Thanks for the info; Phil Steinmeyer left me a reply on his blog (philsteinmeyer.com) in which he suggested trying new video drivers; he said a new video card is even more likely to help.  My problem is that my computer doesn't have an AGP slot-it's got an onboard graphics accelerator that the designers apparently thought would eliminate the need for an AGP port (a couple years ago).  Any suggestions on how to fix the problem, anyone?

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