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Problem with Scenario

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I don't remember the map. The map maker could have programed locos to run slower. 

You can alway take a map to the editor.

Open the events and look at the effects (what happens if the event is true) for each event.

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Is this the War Effort senario (4 days to deliver supplies to ports)?

If so, then the line speed has been limited to 40mph - I think this is in order to create a more level playing field between steam and electric loco's though I always prefer electrics as they don't need to stop for water.

Later on you get an option to increase speeds, I think, but I always go instead for the third loco.

It's ages since I played that one - I ought to see how it plays with the 1.05 patch that I recently installed. Wonder if the trains still crawl around Baltimore?

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