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Pennsylvania and Reading Railroads, Strikes

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Is there a campaign or scenario about the Pennsylvania and Reading Train Systems?

The area in Northeastern Pennsylvania supplied the best quality coal, from such mining towns as Scranton, Pottsville, Shamokin, and Hazleton to mills in cities like Reading and Philadelphia.

In 1877 there was the famous Great Train strike and later came the Pullman strike. These were famous events in railroad history. Do strikes play any role in RT3 or any of the Railroad Tycoon series?


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The cause and effect of a strike can be programed into a map.

A territory can be closed to train operations.

The economy and individual costs can be modified.

You could distroy track an/or buildings, Etc.

I don't remember if a strike was ever programed into a Penn. Map.

You could take one of the penn. maps and modify it.

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Thanks Hawk.

Yes they look good. You don't remember anything else about strikes or wages in any other campaigns?

How about in RT2, or with the latest Sid Meier's edition?

I think wages and conditions are an idea for a new edition of the game, kind of like  in the other PopTop game, Tropico.

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