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Where the rich sleep

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Some friends were visiting Seattle. Since we had been given a complimenty room for one night in Seattles best hotel, not far from them, we used this gift.  Being among people who could really afford this hotel we dressed the part. As it turned out, the so called rich and famous didn't. Well most didn't.

We decided to take the elevator to the top floor where the most expensive suites were located just for the fun of it.  It was a short  trip. When the elevator door opened on the 30th floor, we were met by two secuity men, who quickly sent us back down to our floor.  It felt good going up; but the bubble burst on the way back down to a floor that didn't need guards and had 12 apartments for us common folks.

The next morning I asked the bell boy, who was staying on the top floor. I figured it was a performer, part of one of the local shows. I was told one family had the top two floors for a month.  This family also had the top floors in a number of the better hotels in Seattle. At first the bell boy would not tell me about this faimly.  But after a bit of friendly proding I was told the family was from the far east.  That each member of the family had a body guard dressed up all in white, carrying a white sword. When I first saw these guards I thought they were in costume as part of a local play of some some type. 

I don't know who the family was but they were spending some of our oil  money back in the USA.  ;D 

I remember reading about a palace where the rail fan had a large scale

ride-on-train running through-out the palace, inside and out. 

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