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Worker apes to be sold

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Apes with an IQ of about 68 are being developed as workers.

It was said they should be for sale in about 2 years.

Is this the beginning of the plant of the apes.

Also a pipe line is being built to supply sea water to Death Valley CA.

Death Valley is 200 plus feet below sea level.

Looks like we will be having a large new lake in this desert area of the SW US.

It won't take long for developers will create lake side building sites.

I wonder if this lake will create more rain in the area?

Since the large body of fresh water deep below the sand will be contaminated with salt water, these lakeside developments may need another source of drinking water. 

Now which is an April fools joke.

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While this news item was an April fools item. I did do some research on this project almost 25 years ago.

There was a company near Seattle that built rock cutting tunneling machines for 4 to 30 foot dia. tunnels. I saw a 23 foot machine being tested.

If a 4 foot tunnel was drilled from Death Valley to the coast, a generator could be installed on the 200 ft. head to supply electricity to near by Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is now one of the fastest growing areas in the US.  The sea water would start to fill a lake covering Scottys Castle.  But at a point the evaporation would equal the inflow of water.  This lake in time would become another great salt lake much larger than the orginal Salt Lake in Utah.  It would create a moist and cooler area down wind that could aid farming.  But, without bees maybe not.

My paper also proposed first using the electric power to operate a laser to cut a second back up tunnel.  The reason being, the biggest of many problems were the earthquake faults that could turn off water flow since it is not unusual to have the fault shift 5 or  6 feet at one time.  The cost of course is not cheap.

The dead Sea is over 1000 feet below sea level and much closer to the coast.  It has little sand to soak up a large amount of water and many tribal people that would object to a large lake covering their lands. (rocks)

The story could have been true had someone moved on it.

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The problem is; any time man decides to change the environment of an area trouble follows.

There's a reason the desert is a desert. We may not know the reason now but change it and you'll find out.

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I have to agree people do cause many of their own problems.

Lake Mead is one of the largest man made lakes in the US.  It is only a short distance from death valley.  The fresh river water from it has created a huge successful farming area in this desert.  A salt water lake of possible equal size may not be as beneficial since the lake water could not be used for irigation. Only an increase in rain if the lake did produced a local climate change would it be benefical.

You are correct since ground water although deep could become salty causing a problem bigger then the benefit.

In Africa some of the desert areas cover what used to be a rain forest.  It is hard to know if it was a natural climate change or over cutting of the forest or some devine intervention or some other change that turned the forest into a desert.

What gets man into trouble is the get rich quick syllagism that says it benefits the general population, therefore it must be good, when in reality, dollar wise, it may only benefit the promoter.


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